Ways to Respond Over 20 Ways To Become a Better Salesperson
Bear Bull Co BBC Over 20 Ways To Become a Better Salesperson

Excellent salespersons have consistently higher sales that outperform the average. Their success is not just a result of hitting their quotas on time but also having blow-out months or quarters. Successful reps earn the admiration of their prospects and make them more likely to achieve success. 

To become a better salesperson, you must skillfully handle objections and preemptively surface concerns to make them disappear. 

Luckily for you, BBC Member, we’ve produced a list of over 20 ways to become a better salesperson. Remember, the first step is completing any of these fantastic courses. Second, a more important step is taking action, even if it’s imperfect action.


Bear Bull Co BBC Over 20 Ways To Become a Better Salesperson CallsPaul Harvey references the American experiment when discussing how selling can work. Whether selling an idea, an experience, or an investigation, it’s all about positioning yourself as a trustworthy expert.

This is true if you are selling a product, idea, or concept traditionally considered a tough sell, such as self-discipline.

We can all be different salespeople, but if we state that everyone has the same approach, then Harvey is right, and we are wrong. The approach brands should take depends on their goal, what they are selling, and how confident and knowledgeable they feel about the product or service.

The most successful salespeople in the world make selling appear effortless by carrying themselves as experts in their industry. They make sure their prospects know it and deserve that recognition because they are selling a product that has to be delivered by experts.


However, your prospects’ view of your company is only based on what’s happening with their work. To represent your company authentically, you need to offer a bird’s-eye view of the significant trends happening across the entire industry. If your prospects don’t understand why they should align with you, it might be because they think you’re coming off as sales instead of a qualified lead.

First, let us know what are the things that make you a good salesperson. 


A good salesperson has something more to offer customers than cue one-liners or a flying pitch. They know how to handle rejection and learn from their most significant sales and those that didn’t work. They’ll put in the time to find out how customers want them to solve needs, be empathetic, and show that they’re willing to deal confidently without compromising the deal’s success.

So, what are the traits that make someone a good salesperson?


  • Bear Bull Co BBC Over 20 Ways To Become a Better Salesperson DealAttentive

A good salesperson will realize that each customer has different needs. To create a deal they’ll value, you need to listen closely to their perspective and offer a solution that fulfills it.

  • Analytical

A salesperson’s friendly demeanor is a good trait, but you must let your customers know that your company is prepared for service when they come to schedule. You want customers to do business with your company because of your knowledge, professionalism, and ability to listen, ask questions, and deliver answers on time.

  • Delightful

An attractive appearance and a warm personality can be seen as signs of professional respect. A first impression may establish a professional relationship in the future. As a salesperson, your appearance and etiquette should be on point and create a positive first impression for clients.

  • Enthusiastic

Being a good salesperson means you put in the work and remain motivated. Wanting to get the job done shows how passionate you are.


  • Confident

When you are confident in your product or service, your customers feel more confident in purchasing whatever you offer. It also helps to be confident in yourself, as your confidence will make others more willing to follow you.

  • Committed

Good salespeople never give up, even if the path is hard. Those who are willing to challenge themselves will find success in their careers.

  • Adaptable

In sales, your approach needs to be adaptive so that you are going to be able to address the changes in the game. It’s also essential that you delegate time shifts accurately.


  • Bear Bull Co BBC Over 20 Ways To Become a Better Salesperson Female 2Empathic

Connecting with your customer’s emotions allows you to see what they want in a sale. By appealing to their sentiments and needs, you can meet their expectations in new ways.

  • Resilient

Despite fluctuations in sales figures, a good salesperson goes back to work. They know there are always ways to improve, and the right way to do it is not to get discouraged about a bad week.

  • Meticulous

The sales professional should be an expert in their domain and know how to demonstrate this knowledge.

To be an effective salesperson, one must be familiar with what makes a good salesperson. In this list are some habits, tips, and general life skills that every mercantile individual can benefit from improving their strategies. This manual has been created to help people improve their procedures for success.

Now, let’s go to the primary purpose of this blog. Now, let us talk about how you can become a better salesperson.

When it comes to habits, we have nine things to follow. 


  • Know and stick to your customer’s persona

A well-defined buyer persona is crucial to an effective sales process and has proven to increase the efficiency of store reps. Ineffective product sellers tend to take a more personal selling approach, often leading to a lack of prospecting.

An effective rep stays true to their buyer persona and knows whom they are selling to and why. They also hold fast to their ideal perspective for the product or service they’re promoting so that everything messaging is relevant and on point.

  • Use a measurable and repetitive sales process

Low-performing salespeople use intuition to guide them, but high-performing salespeople follow a structured process that maximizes opportunities for qualified leads to move to “purchase.”

Many reps might be unable to do their jobs well because they aren’t tracking the right metrics and aren’t taking appropriate actions or adjusting as needed. Reps who are good at this are known as high-performing reps. Low-performing reps don’t track key metrics, lack diligence, and motivation, and often require more assistance from a manager, who must spend time with them.


  • Bear Bull Co BBC Over 20 Ways To Become a Better Salesperson FemaleBe knowledgeable of your product

You can only sell what you know, which is why understanding your product or service is essential.

In the old days, selling was hard because people relied on their intuition for success. But today, prospects are more skeptical when information is easy to access, and you need to know your products genuinely. To connect with your audience and add value, you should focus on genuinely understanding your product and why it’s essential to your audience.

  • Review objectively

A good sales rep knows how to balance over-enthusiasm with careful analysis. They can verify opportunities, avoid happy ears, and provide accurate forecasts using their influencers database.

  • Look for hacks or shortcuts

Once a great salesperson finds a successful strategy, they use it repeatedly until it stops working.

Time is a struggle for reps. They are always on the clock trying to reach their goal. This means that if they spend time experimenting, it takes them less time to succeed with something that works. There’s also a cost involved in “sticking with what doesn’t work.”

You should not change your approach as a general rule, but you can do so selectively when you need to. This allows you to implement or stop the new strategy after it has served its purpose.


  • Listen Actively

Successful salespeople are present with the person they are talking to and understand the conversation as a whole. They’re not considering other deals, scrolling Reddit threads, or sending things to their teammates. Successful salespeople have meaningful conversations with prospective buyers.

Mastering active listening will give you the tools to build stronger relationships and help you position your product as the best option. This requires being a better listener, which can be challenging because we’re more focused on what we choose to say than what our prospects want to hear.

  • Work Hard

In the last minutes of the working day, employees would spend time outside of work, which includes going to a bar and celebrating because they reached their target. The remaining employees would still try to engage with prospects who had not responded to their emails.

The intelligent CEOs are also in the office, and they’ve already exceeded their goals. They’re sending emails and meetings anyways, even though they haven’t reached their destination yet. By building momentum before they reach their goal, they blow it out of the water while making their plan succeed.


  • Bear Bull Co BBC Over 20 Ways To Become a Better Salesperson MaleMake a follow-up

For many salespeople, following up can seem complicated. The prospect may have missed the email they sent, and there is no way to know unless they call or write again.

  • Be personal when creating a message

Salespeople are committed to understanding their prospect’s unique pain points and providing good value. As part of this commitment, high-performing reps consider various factors such as pain points, marketing, or company culture when geared up to interact with their prospect.

Now, here are tips on how you can become a better salesperson. 

  • Be a team player

A long-lasting career and success require help from others. Because of this, you should create a trusting relationship with your colleagues who will motivate and support you in your progress. Asking for help or assistance when you need it is the key to great sales.

  • Emulate your peers

If you want to improve your objection handling skills, speak to the salesperson who best uses their time to find solutions during a call. Observe them as they handle potential customer objections and learn from them. Building a close relationship with colleagues builds trust and fosters cohesion between your work team.


  • Master your people skills

To succeed in your job, you need to have small talk skills. Even if what you are doing is socializing with people or networking, practice conversations with others so that you can make them feel comforted and confident. Practice what makes people laugh or even zone out during discussions by noticing body language and energy during the first meetings. This information can help make your sessions much smoother and more productive.

  • Be Honest all the time

Don’t promise features that don’t exist, prices you can’t deliver on, or services your company can’t do well. Honesty is never the best policy, as research has shown. When you make mistakes, your customers may react negatively, and your reviews will suffer. Plus, when people are honest with themselves, they have higher levels of dopamine and serotonin, along with less stress and jealousy.


  • Know when to stop

Have you spent hours researching, only to discover that the deal interest is lukewarm and it’s time to move on? If time is money, understanding how long deals last will help you prioritize your time.

Sandler suggests using a reverse negative to get more revenue if you’re in the business of selling subscriptions, and the average sales cycle is around 45 days, and the deal goes on for 90 days.

If a prospect doesn’t have challenges you can solve, they may not be a good fit. When this happens, no matter the circumstances, you will abandon the approach and work on prospects who need your help. Past customers trust you more when they see no brutal sell tactics and only the best opportunities are targeted.

  • Accept rejections

There will be times when you have to admit defeat, even if you lost. It’s imperative to stay determined on your path and overcome the challenges that arise from rejection.

It’s vital to see rejections as a motivator to move on from one door and prepare for the next. Though sometimes you might feel like it’s a sign that you are failing, it is often proof that you are after business with clients with substantially high success rates.


  • Bear Bull Co BBC Over 20 Ways To Become a Better Salesperson Team 2Seek for referrals

Successful salespeople know the best close often comes when you ask for one referral. Sales professional Marc Wayshack recommends asking for a referral every day. The social proof is already there, and the initial outreach is direct. Like a sale, sales cycles are often shorter with referrals. Once you’ve successfully closed the deal, always ask for referrals, and follow up quickly with them.

  • Know what the customer wants

In addition to staying on budget, you can save time by not overselling your customers on features or services they don’t need. A consultative selling approach helps you stay clear of overpromising and help in longer-term engagements because the customer will value your honesty.

As a salesperson, here are good habits you must practice.

  • Have a healthy lifestyle

Salespeople often deal with more positive and negative moods in a single week than other professionals in an entire month. You may feel like you don’t belong in sales at times.

For reps that connect with their clients, it’s essential to be calm and focused even when business is going well. When your deals are closing, remind yourself not to get too cocky; they will pick up soon if you keep chugging. It’s also important to let yourself feel the feelings of the difficult times; when sales die down, tell yourself not to become demoralized because you’re going in the right direction, and things will improve soon.


  • Bear Bull Co BBC Over 20 Ways To Become a Better Salesperson TeamTake breaks or pauses when needed

In sales, talking to your audience is often a way to drive business results. The more campaigns you send, the more meetings you book. The more appointments you book, the more demos you set. The more demos you select, the more deals you close.

Many salespeople work 10-hour days every weekday and even put in time on the weekends, thinking they’ll make more money this way.

The lack of sleep can harm your mind and body, as well as reduce productivity. It was no coincidence that some of the most successful people in history, like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Charles Dickens, and Charles Darwin, prioritized sleep over everything and they keep their schedule balanced. Breaks are scientifically proven to help boost memory, focus on creative ideas, and quality of work.

If it sounds like you’re constantly at a dead end and your days are seldom full of activities to occupy your time, take a break. You can use this extra time to walk your dog, socialize or watch television alone. Plus, overworked people are less productive than they think they are.

  • Get enough sleep

To be at your best when you’re on sales calls, prioritize sleep. In a research by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep. Studies have shown that if you get less, you will suffer from irritability, decreased motivation, anxiety, depression and distractibility, reduced energy, fatigue, and restlessness. The more time you spend awake working, the more opportunities will be lost that could make your customer’s buying experience better.

  • Build Personal Relationships with your customers

A good example is Dan Tyre. He is a great salesperson because he can connect with people professionally and personally. He interacts with people in ways that make you want to talk to him again, and he does so authentically rather than for business purposes.

Instead of building relationships you can’t sustain, focus on making connections in which you have an impact. As a salesperson, relationships are your capital – they’re crucial.


  • Always be prepared

A salesperson prepares to make calls with research and data. So their big meeting with a potential customer will be worthwhile because they know their potential customer’s needs and wants.

Top sales reps don’t wing it with their customers but plan for challenges and come prepared. This way, they anticipate questions and prepare effective responses to avoid losing the sale.

  • Look for potential customers in places you would never think

It is essential to always be engaged with customers, whether on the phone or in person. It is also necessary to persistently pursue new opportunities after leaving work. Reps are good at finding and engaging people at networking events and dinners.

  • Believe in your product

The most effective salespeople not only use a product and believe in its value but also incorporate it into their life. Passion starts with the product, then generates enthusiasm for customers to feel that same passion.

If you’re not excited about what you’re selling, search for people looking to buy it. Sending potential buyers relevant testimonials of how this product has benefited them on a large or small level will help reinforce your motivation and give you valuable social proof when talking to potential clients.

  • Bear Bull Co BBC Over 20 Ways To Become a Better Salesperson Teamwork 2Know your market

You cannot sell effectively if you don’t understand your target market, their needs, wants, who they are and what the landscape looks like without speaking with them. To be a successful salesperson in today’s digital age, you need to know who your target is and what their personal preferences look like.

What does your prospect’s day look like? What do they face? What could make their life easier? You can help them by thinking about things happening in the world or by researching what matters most to them.

With this knowledge of your prospect, you can tailor your product and increase the number of people that want it. This will allow you to discuss the benefits of their features to create a more personalized plan for them.

You have to evaluate whether or not your product is solving enough pain points. In addition to understanding your prospects’ pain points, knowing who else is competing against you and their strategy in competing against your company is essential. It would be best to consider how your product could be differentiated, so it doesn’t look like everyone else’s similar product.

  • Know what motivates you most

All successful salespeople need to be motivated and accountable regardless of their motivations. Bloggers with a clear goal that they are striving towards will lead to more successful content. Only top-selling bloggers show up daily and focus on making the goal or obstacle in question happen.

Begin your growth journey by asking yourself, “Why do I want to be successful?” If you can’t answer to yourself, you need to find that motivator.

There is not one single way to become a successful salesperson. The apps, resources, and habits listed in this paragraph can help develop your performance, demonstrating passion, knowledge, self-determination, and adaptability.


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