Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers


People would have laughed at you if you had told them a decade ago that businesses are continuing to hire motivational speakers. The internet has made it easier than ever to know just about anything you want. So with all this content and information available, how did you know which ones to learn from and which ones work?

Luckily for you, BBC Member, for today’s video we will be talking about why businesses continue to hire motivational speakers. Remember, that while the first step is completing any of this amazing information, the second and possibly more important step is taking action even if it’s imperfect action.


Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers AudienceA company essentially functions as a team. If positive qualities are fostered, the entire team benefits, whereas a lack of job satisfaction can easily be transmitted to others. Every business owner and manager is responsible for ensuring that their employees maintain a healthy mental and professional outlook. And nothing performs this function more effectively than professional motivational speakers. 

While a motivational speaker would undoubtedly improve the morale of employees, employers must also ensure that their workers can manage their workload and are engaged. Without this, a large number of employees would leave the company. To avoid this, business owners should educate themselves on employee engagement. However, a motivational speaker may be exactly what the employees need right now.

It takes a great deal of courage to become a motivational speaker because you must possess unique qualities and be adaptable to different audiences’ expectations. Consider yourself a candidate for this demanding position if you can satisfy their needs and adapt to a variety of speeches. Speakers corner is a leading speaking bureau with the world’s most influential motivational speakers who can help alter your perspective and inspire you to achieve your objectives.


Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers Crowd 2A person who decides to devote their life to business motivational speaking must possess numerous qualities. You must be able to motivate and instruct an individual in a natural and relatable manner. A successful motivational speaker must be self-assured, enthusiastic, empathetic, and dynamic. A powerful speaking voice and a sense of humor can do wonders and are the most effective ways to maintain audience interest.

Your sales team is the company’s beating heart. Without these individuals spreading your organization’s benefits every day, you would be out of business. However, you’ve observed that they are not as enthusiastic as they once were. The numbers are decreasing, goals are not being met, and office morale is not what it once was.

You’ve considered providing them with additional sales training, but you’re confident they already know the what and how of their jobs. They might have simply forgotten why. You’ve given motivational speeches during meetings and done the “rah-rah” routine with your employees, but they’ve stopped listening because they’ve heard you so often. You are aware that your employees are capable of significantly more and that you must inspire and motivate the team, but you do not know-how.

Why are companies increasingly hiring motivational speakers?

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers Crowd 3Every successful business requires a highly motivated team of individuals who are committed to achieving company objectives and concentrating on completing difficult tasks. Some days can be monotonous, and individuals may lack motivation. In this situation, an excellent motivational speaker can save the day and assist the team in achieving their objective, finding inspiration, and creating a dynamic and lively business environment.

Although motivational speakers cannot solve a problem in 45 to 60 minutes, they can change attitudes and put a business on the path to a better situation.

Ultimately, the purpose of your event, regardless of the theme or activities you choose to include, is to foster team spirit and recognize employees’ hard work. There are only so many ways one can express gratitude in the workplace. A motivational speaker can demonstrate to your employees their value to the organization.

The Function of an Inspirational Speaker

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers Crowd 4You have probably contemplated the significance of motivational speakers. Influential people have the ability to alter a person’s perspective and help them become a better version of themselves through the use of advice and a variety of their talents.

Motivational speakers will inspire you to take immediate action in your business or personal life. They are adept at spreading their charisma and assisting you in discovering a profound sense of purpose or change. These experts will tell you fascinating tales and present excellent ideas that will ultimately contribute to your growth and healing.

The role of motivational speakers at corporate events and in your business is crucial. Consider them as a third-party observer who can identify challenges you miss, learn from employees who are uncomfortable speaking to management, and alter how your employees view their day-to-day responsibilities.


A motivational speaker will share personal anecdotes that will help your team perform better at work and live more fulfilling lives. Their narratives are relatable, moving, amusing, and motivating. Their experiences impart universal lessons, and their zeal is contagious. A speaker can present outdated concepts in a manner that stimulates employee thought. They can stimulate creativity and amuse the audience.

Possibly the most essential duty of a motivational speaker is to demonstrate to your employees that you truly value and care about their welfare. They serve as your mouthpiece for communicating these crucial messages.

What Characteristics Make a Great Motivational Speaker?

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers CrowdThere are great motivational speakers, good motivational speakers, and motivational speakers that will leave you wishing you had done more research beforehand. Here are some tips for choosing a motivational speaker for your upcoming event.

1) Determine your event’s purpose before you begin shopping: While some speakers cover multiple topics, you should first determine what you want to be communicated before searching for a speaker

2) View videos: A speaker may have the world’s best one-sheet, an impressive website, and multiple books. However, you want to observe their performance. Can you sense the room’s energy? Does their message align with your requirements? Do they provide the audience with tangible takeaways?

3) Request references: Ask the speaker for the names of former clients you can contact. Conversations with a person’s former clients can reveal a great deal about them. Were they easy to work with, or will you be dealing with a diva? Did they provide what was anticipated, or did they arrive with excuses?

4) Investigate their adaptability: Are they willing to tailor their presentation to your industry and business? Are they willing to conduct the necessary research, speak with the employees beforehand, and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that their presentation resonates with your audience?

5) Go with your gut: When making business decisions, we are often trained to use our intellect. However, heed your intuition if it tells you that this candidate is unfit for the position, even if they appear excellent on paper. The last thing you want to think after an event is, “I should have known they weren’t a good fit.”

  1. Be genuine. A motivational speaker is most effective when he or she is genuine. To be relatable, speech and stories must align with experiences. Every motivational speaker who aspires to deliver an outstanding address must have a thorough understanding of this field. This is only possible with a reliable and adequate foundation.
  2. Be dynamic. Motivational speeches should be animated. It is not uncommon to observe a speaker telling a story with a tear in his eye or with his voice cracking up. It demonstrates their familiarity with the topic and their connection to the audience and their emotions.
  3. Body language. Speech dynamics are heavily influenced by body language. Voice can do wonders, but when speakers use their body language to complement their story, it enhances the experience and makes the audience more entertained and tense. A motivational speaker is successful if he or she is eloquent and has a strong desire to share his or her ideas, perspectives, and emotions with the audience in order to help them.


A motivational speaker who comprehends the human condition and knows how to engage it can aid a business team in achieving its objectives. Here’s how it operates:

Deal with the daily grind

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers Female 2Regular employees are frequently unable to see the big picture, whereas business owners and managers are capable of doing so. Therefore, they view their work as a daily drudgery and not as a means to an end of greatness.

A motivational speaker enables them to see their daily professional life as part of a larger picture and assists them in planning and expanding it. If an employee has a larger goal they wish to achieve through their professional capacity, their work quality will never diminish. In addition, having someone to motivate them through their daily tasks can help combat rising stress levels and productivity declines. When employees are able to navigate the nuances of their jobs, they are also able to manage their workload and maintain their health. Employees will remain happy and healthy, and employer healthcare costs may decrease (read more on the Eden Health blog). It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. This is something that can be guaranteed by motivational speakers.

Permit a flexible mindset

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers MalePeople quickly adapt to the status quo, but when they need to change and evolve, they procrastinate greatly. This is often the case because with change comes its own set of challenges, and the majority of employees are not sufficiently invested in their profession to face this challenge head-on.

A skilled motivational speaker conveys the notion that they, too, have risen from obscurity and are now sharing their knowledge with you. Nothing inspires a person to work harder than hearing someone else do the same thing and seeing the results of their efforts. Motivational speakers are experts at shaping employee attitudes that embrace change and view obstacles as opportunities for growth rather than burdens.

Determine the optimal work-life balance

Happiness at work and at home may be one of the most difficult things to achieve in a modern capitalist system. And if one is compromised, the consequences will always spread to the other, especially now that so many employees work remotely. If you wish to arrange a motivational speaker for your remote employees, you may wish to consider hiring one of these virtual speakers who can deliver their speech online.

A motivational speaker recognizes that the challenges faced by each employee are unique. However, they also provide a path through which each individual can find their solutions. Happiness and satisfaction are closely related to motivation, and with the assistance of a motivational speaker, employees can find their center and achieve a sense of balance.

Find the right speaker to inspire your team

There are numerous options available for hiring a motivational speaker. You can hire one of the top names in the industry, or you can contact professional motivational speaker services who will provide a speaker with the unique ability to assist your team.

Ensure that your team is both prepared to perform and capable of advancing to the next level, as well as grounded in self-satisfaction. Therein lies the winning combination!

Varieties of Inspirational Speakers

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers MeetingThere are numerous ways to inspire and motivate individuals to achieve their goals. Each individual is distinct, requires a different approach, and comprehends differently. Many different types of speakers, such as comedians, celebrity motivational speakers, and after-dinner speakers are available.

Comedians will undoubtedly make you laugh. They are an excellent choice for brightening the day for your employees. Their impersonations, musical acts, and performances are sure to impress. If you are searching for a more profound and influential speaker, however, you should consider a motivational speaker. You will undoubtedly pull the team toward a common objective and increase their motivation and focus on executing the plan.

If you wish to increase the number of attendees at your event, a celebrity speaker may be your best option. Your occasion will be unforgettable. You can choose between award-winning chefs, world record holders, and television celebrities. No matter which speaker you choose, you will not be disappointed, as they will all brighten your day and help you recognize your potential through a variety of stories.


Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers FemaleConferences are a typical method for bringing teams together, fostering communication, and establishing purpose. There are numerous types of meetings, each with its purpose. Some meetings are intended as sales incentives, while others are for status updates, product or industry education, all-staff meetings, and team-building activities.

Business and motivational speakers are essential for company team-building events because their presentations can bring numerous benefits to the business, such as boosting morale, learning skills, and broadening perspectives.


Business leaders are always looking for new ways to motivate their employees, encourage teamwork, and strengthen business relationships. You, as leaders and business owners, have likely read and heard about the most effective methods of employee management and motivation. Conferences, incentive design, and employee benefits stand out among them.

The first advantage is that it will provide teams with new ideas. Leaders and their teams occasionally experience a mental block when generating creative ideas. This causes a domino effect that can impact production and lead to a decline in profits and service quality. Not only will the output be affected, but employees will also experience low morale and discomfort at work.

Hiring an outside expert can aid in reinforcing concepts that leaders strive to instill in their teams.


A conference where a motivational speaker is hired can assist employees, team leaders, and managers in maximizing their skills and aptitudes to generate innovative ideas. A great speaker will share new, inspiring ideas and experiences, which can serve as a great source of team motivation.

Second, it will have a positive impact on morale. Individual employee morale is a sensitive issue that is typically influenced by a variety of factors, regardless of their severity. For instance, if there are rumors of layoffs or wage cuts, employee morale will decline, which will have a direct effect on the work environment and productivity.


The root of the staff’s negative attitudes can be unearthed and their roles and responsibilities can be reframed through conferences, particularly motivational ones. They will restore their confidence and enthusiasm for their work, which will increase productivity and decrease conflict.

In addition, they will help you overcome complacency. Very frequently, employees become bored with their work. This is a red flag for businesses, as it indicates that there are no growth margins due to the attitudes of the staff. A female motivational speaker can impart new information and encourage the workforce to explore new possibilities and ideas and leave their “comfort zone.”

How to Select a Motivational Speaking Company?

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers WheelchairSelecting a competent speaker is a crucial aspect of planning an event. The right speaker can infuse your event with vitality and make it the talk of the town for days. On the other hand, a poor speaker may leave a negative impression and cause the audience to feel uneasy or confused.

Consider motivational business speakers if you are hosting a business event; they are an excellent way to meet your audience’s needs and the event’s purpose. When determining your budget and reviewing your options, choose the one that best fits your event concept. Always review a previous speech delivered by the speaker you are considering hiring.

Importantly, communicate with them in person. Identify a speaker who shares your viewpoints. Discuss your needs and wants in detail. As they will be in charge of the emotions of the audience, the speaker must be a perfect fit for your needs. Finding the ideal speaker for your event will not be simple, but a little bit of effort will go a long way. Your event will be educational and memorable.

Motivational Speaker vs. Inspirational Speaker

Motivational speakers deliver lectures intended to inspire audience members to alter their behavior to achieve a specific objective. They will instruct you in their way of thinking. Their primary objective is to engage and convert their audiences. They will now assist you in making the change.

On the other hand, motivational speakers are extraordinary individuals who have overcome adversity. Their goal is to inspire people to recognize their best qualities and be their best selves. They encourage you to improve yourself through gradual, sensible changes.

What is the cost of hiring a motivational speaker?

This is one of those questions with difficult answers. The fees for motivational speakers can range from $1,000 to $100,000 based on their experience, celebrity status, and audience niche. Who you choose will depend on your budget and event objectives.

Always keep in mind that there are numerous ways to overcome a lack of determination or motivation. Numerous businesses worldwide employ speakers who can assist the company’s strategy and employees in overcoming any obstacles.

Motivational business speakers can inspire, an enormous productivity boost, and teamwork, resulting in remarkable company sales growth. A simple motivational speech can provide someone with purpose and motivation to perform better and more efficiently. Find your ideal speaker and experience a lesson you will always remember.


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