Bear Bull Co BBC Why Every One of Your Employees is a Salesperson

Why Every One of Your Employees is a Salesperson

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Every One of Your Employees is a Salesperson

Everyone has a salesperson inside them. Whether you’re a “big picture” thinker or someone who can chat up strangers, your personality reveals how you like to engage, whether it’s in short bursts or all day long. One of the most important, yet overlooked skills for today’s business world is that of the salesperson: simply put, the ability to sell yourself and your company. 

Luckily for you, BBC Member, In this blog, we’ll be exploring what traits make a great salesperson and what that means for those that are on the fence about selling themselves out on a regular basis.


We all know and assume that any employee with the title “Salesperson” is aware that part of their job is to improve RMR and bring in new sales. What about the other members of your team?

Administrative, sales, installation, and service are the standard abbreviations used by security companies. However, if you were to ask anyone other than a real salesperson if their job includes sales, I’m ready to guarantee you that you would hear a resounding “No,” which is just not true. All of these divisions depend on one another for the general success and sustainability of your organization.

A cowboy in the Old West rode for the ranch or brand they were employed by and offered their allegiance, labor, and perhaps their life for the ranch or brand and their fellow cowboys. That is how I see independent alarm sellers thriving and surviving.

For the benefit of the organization as a whole, each department relies on and supports the other departments. All efforts must be directed toward raising the RMR, or fuel, that powers your business. A person or department cannot function effectively on their own.


The administrative division is typically the first person a potential client or customer speaks with. They have an immediate and long-lasting effect on how your clients will perceive your business; you may refer to them as the “Director of First Impressions.”

They convey to your prospects or customers—both over the phone and in person—that they are not a burden but rather an opportunity, and that their requests, issues, or inquiries are not only significant but will also be attended to.


Bear Bull Co BBC Why Every One of Your Employees is a Salesperson EmployeesPositive customer relations and a “glad to serve you” attitude can go a long way toward lowering attrition and decreasing cancellations, which by and large protects your RMR.

Additionally, the admin team can focus on upselling and retaining current clients. Inquire if it’s alright to have a representative from your company visit their home to evaluate or test their system with a technician and show them all of the new “fun stuff” you have available when dealing with a long-time customer who has an older system. If you have any remaining time, this is also a fantastic opportunity to work with the customer to upgrade their 3G devices and obtain a new contract.

Once you have someone out at the house for the upgrade, evaluation, or installation of a system, your installation staff may start exercising their sales skills. No matter how skilled a salesperson may be, in the eyes of the customer, they are always a salesperson, and certain people will naturally be skeptical of or resistant to them.

However, once the installer starts working, the pressure to make a purchase is gone. Arriving on time is the first and best thing an installation can do to secure the sale from your client. Nobody enjoys sitting about while waiting for someone to arrive for an appointment, especially if they’re paying you. The installer conveys to the client that their time and money are valuable by arriving on time, looking presentable, and arriving in a clean, well-organized van or vehicle.


Teach your installers how to interact with the consumer and point out any flaws or omissions in the system they are buying during a pre-installation tour. This frequently presents an opportunity for your installer to pitch more pieces of gear or services. The additional details are favorably received by the client since, in their minds, the installer is not a danger but rather a person who has their best interests at heart.

Your service technicians should be prompt, immaculately dressed in business attire, and similarly to your installer, they should be. This is crucial since nobody likes getting a service call, which means your service technician may already be at a disadvantage with your customer.


Bear Bull Co BBC Why Every One of Your Employees is a Salesperson Smile 2Your technicians should take the time to test the entire system with the customer after repairs are finished, go over all of the system’s features and operations, and again inform them of all the new “great stuff” your business has to offer.

Never undervalue the influence of “nice stuff” like video services, interactive services, and mPERS applications (for users with elderly parents or other family members who do not live with them). Consider the possibility that something as straightforward as a new key fob or doorbell camera can be just the thing to satisfy current clients.

Make sure your staff members are aware of the need to clean up after themselves once the installation or service call is finished. It demonstrates to your client that you value their time and business as well as their property. The moment to request a referral from a customer is when they are delighted with your service and installation. The worst thing they can say is no.

So how do you get staff members who aren’t salespeople into a part of the sales team? Inform them. Explain to them the benefits of your security portfolio and how they may use it to their advantage when dealing with customers. Make it a contest to see who can sell the most, and pay your staff based on how well they perform. As a general rule, if you are not willing to give something in exchange for it, don’t expect to receive it, whatever it may be.


Bringing in money is the only way a firm can continue to operate. Without money, there would be no business, which would imply no employees. Making sure your customers and clients are happy throughout their entire relationship with your firm, not just during the sales process, it’s more crucial than ever as the sales landscape changes and consumers have more influence over how and from whom they buy. According to my knowledge of account management and sales, most of the job is completed once the potential customer has decided to purchase from you.

Creating a sales culture across your entire organization, not just on the sales team, is a terrific approach to differentiate your business from the competition and surpass it. It stands to reason that your company will produce more income per employee the higher the proportion of your workforce that is engaged in “selling,” but the advantages don’t end there. Here are a few ways that creating a sales culture across all of your divisions can help you grow your company.

Teams are strengthened and built when they win together

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Every One of Your Employees is a Salesperson Smile Female 2There are winners and losers in business, just like there are in sports, and I think we can all agree that winning together always feels better than losing together. As your company starts to establish a sales culture throughout all of its departments, you are encouraging productive talks among staff members about how to address the most frequent client complaints that each department hears about. A common vision and message are shared by all departments as communication inside your organization improves.

Each of your employees will be better able to represent your business and provide the same message whether they are speaking with a current client or even another parent at their child’s sporting event if they all share the same vision and message. Business leads come from a variety of sources and at a variety of times, not just from 9 to 5. Your chances of securing new business are stronger the more unified your organization’s messaging is.

When each department concentrates on promoting their value throughout each client engagement, customer retention is improved.

If you’ve ever worked in account management for any length of time, you know how much more smoothly projects go when each team gets along well and strives to add value to each client engagement. When your workforce gets along well, the positive energy is transferred to your clients, who then enjoy doing business with you.

Customer retention is crucial for any company that offers continuous services since your ability to maintain a positive relationship with each client depends on your ability to meet their demands consistently. Every time a client interacts with one of your employees, if they are all “selling” their worth, problems will be resolved more quickly and the emphasis will be on giving the greatest possible customer service.

Encouragement of business idea generation among divisions improves collaboration and teamwork.

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Every One of Your Employees is a Salesperson Smile Female 3The more you can promote departmental communication inside your company, the more effectively your teams will operate together. Encouragement of the sharing and rewarding of business generation ideas is a fantastic approach to improve communication between departments.

Along with improving communication between organizational divisions, this will also increase revenue because a larger portion of your staff will be responsible for lead generation and sales. It need not be difficult and can be as simple as having a brainstorming session over lunch. The key is to bring your many departments together with the common objective of increasing business.

Developing a sales culture aids in ensuring that staff are communicating consistently.

If you’ve ever worked in sales, you know how crucial it is to have a concise elevator pitch that summarizes what you sell and the problems your business solves in just 30 seconds. A succinct pitch is nevertheless crucial for every department since it promotes unified messaging about your identity and your work. You need to improve your messaging if you can’t succinctly and clearly describe your company to a young child in under 30 seconds. Your employees will understand your company and their role in it better if your messaging is more consistent across departments.

Keep in mind that paying consumers are what got your firm off the ground as you expand it and train your staff. A reliable strategy to keep one step ahead of the competition and establish yourself as the market leader in your sector is to implement a lead generation system that integrates each department.

How to Drive 20% More Sales Through Employee Engagement?

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Every One of Your Employees is a Salesperson Smile FemaleHave you ever entered a store or place of business only to be treated impolitely? Or possibly a salesperson assisted you but only made the barest minimum effort necessary.

How did you feel after that chilly “give me your money and go” exchange? Simply put: insignificant. You undoubtedly feel unappreciated as a person and certainly not as a consumer.

I’ll venture to say that you never gave this company any more money. We don’t blame you; this is a typical response. Why would customers spend their hard-earned money with a company whose personnel are distant (or even grumpy) in the face of a bewildering choice of options for the same product?

Modern customers demand excellent service

Customers like to patronize businesses that offer amiable and individualized service. businesses that, at the end of the day, value their customers as people and not just as customers. Customers will typically spend a few dollars more for the identical product if you offer greater service. Consider how Starbucks is able to “get away” with charging $6 for a basic coffee.

What can we infer from this? Long-term client happiness and loyalty are fueled by content staff. Additionally, satisfied workers are a key factor in boosting sales and, eventually, company earnings.

This is not to imply that the only factor driving sales is employee pleasure, but it is one of the most important ones.

Unless a knowledgeable and motivated staff is actively moving it ahead with attention, energy, and determination, no matter how strong or great your vessel is, it won’t get very far.


Bear Bull Co BBC Why Every One of Your Employees is a Salesperson Smile Male 2Simply put, it makes sense that contented staff will result in contented and satisfied clients. Additionally, happy clients spend more money with your company on goods and services. We can all reasonably assume this based on our personal experiences. In fact, these claims are backed up not only by formal research and statistics but also by gut instinct or intuition. Unambiguously, evidence from extremely profitable businesses, official HR reports, and research demonstrate that the foundation of all high-profit businesses is a workforce that is content and engaged.

Is it possible to quantify the Return on Investment? —Yes!

Some executives who are data-driven may consider investing in employee engagement to be a gamble and wonder what their return on investment will be or how much more money they can anticipate to make.


We can immediately respond to this query with a few well-known research findings and illustrations.

Let’s start by using Starbucks as the poster child for customer satisfaction and loyalty as an illustration of this phenomenon.

“An Increase in Profitability of 21%”

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Every One of Your Employees is a Salesperson Smile MaleThe front-line staff of Starbucks, sometimes known as baristas or “partners” in Baristas, or “partners” in “Starbuckese,” are among the most devoted and contented workers in the food and beverage sector and are Starbucks’ front-line staff members.

You undoubtedly already know that Starbucks has a cult-like following among its patrons. In conclusion, the success of the Starbucks enterprise as a whole is greatly influenced by content employees.

Second, we can examine the results of a meta-analysis by Gallup titled “How Employee Engagement Drives Growth,” which compiles the results of hundreds of research studies.

According to a review of hundreds of research, businesses with the highest levels of employee engagement experienced 21 percent higher levels of general profitability.


We may examine an intriguing longitudinal study conducted by Harvard Business Professor James Heskett to further validate these conclusions using a different type of research methodology. Heskett studied employee engagement extensively by following 200 businesses for 11 years.

He observed the corporate cultures of each organization and looked into how they related to long-term financial success. AKA revenue and earnings. Over the course of the 11-year study, he discovered that businesses with strong corporate cultures that supported leadership efforts and appreciation for their partners, customers, and workers had revenue growth of 682 percent.


Last but not least, a frequently referenced study of vehicle rental sales representatives conducted by Yale University researchers found that motivated workers upsell to clients more frequently, leading to happier and contented customers. In the end, engaged teams generate much more sales and profits than disengaged teams.

Making Workplace Engagement a Priority

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Every One of Your Employees is a Salesperson SmileAt this point, it should be clear that investing in your personnel is no longer a choice for firms operating in the modern day.

Long-term employee engagement must be prioritized strategically at every level of a business if it is to prosper.

Giving sincere compliments and acknowledgments is a great place to start. However, creating a dynamic and engaged culture cannot be done randomly or with short-term tactics. Long-term employee happiness requires deliberate planning and execution in order to provide quantifiable effects.

For instance, scheduling frequent 1:1 meetings with employees and asking them about their happiness and contentment are fantastic first steps, but they are ultimately useless if your company is not acting on the information gleaned and advancing toward a long-term plan or goal.


Employees are likely to develop a negative attitude about surveys and 1:1 meetings and withdraw from them completely if an organization fails to integrate employee feedback into real improvements. So ask yourself if these initiatives are helping your company’s organizational situation. Or are they merely carried out as a formality?

Full-time employees are expected to put in at least 40 hours a week for their employers, which is a huge amount of time.

On a broad scale, educated and skilled individuals today anticipate that their large time investment will yield more than just a paycheck. They seek a stimulating, active, social, and motivating workplace. a place where people may feel at home, learn, and develop on both a personal and professional level.

Modern employees expect to be valued and acknowledged on a daily basis for their contributions. not just in terms of their hard skills, but also in terms of their soft skills.

An engagement plan can only be genuinely effective in boosting long-term sales and profits when employee involvement is prioritized at all levels of a company.

By treating every employee like a “salesperson,” you not only boost customer satisfaction and RMR, but you also develop empowered, devoted staff members who are eager to “ride for your brand.”


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Bear Bull Co BBC Top 10 Tips on How To Retain Your Best Salespeople

Top 10 Tips on How To Retain Your Best Salespeople

Bear Bull Co BBC Top 10 Tips on How To Retain Your Best Salespeople

Retaining your highly-skilled team members is crucial for any company striving for longevity. Allowing employees to get ahead with promotions and continually develop their skill sets can keep your company successful.

Progressive leaders look for more than just power and are interested in engagement and connection. Leaders choose to inspire and empower their employees with positive reinforcement rather than direct orders. They recognize that a mutually supportive relationship is the key to success. Leaders lead by example, express appreciation for achievement, and strive to maintain open lines of communication.

Luckily for you, BBC Member, we’ve produced a list of the top ten tips on retaining your best salespeople. Remember, the first step is completing any of these fantastic courses. The second and more important step is taking action, even if it’s imperfect action.


Bear Bull Co BBC Top 10 Tips on How To Retain Your Best Performance TeamThe time invested in recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, and training new employees makes losing staff to turnover exceptionally costly. This is a widespread problem for tech, life science, and retail sales teams. In 2016, Radford reported that turnover rates of tech and life science sales personnel were at five-year high levels and seems like they are not much better now.

You don’t need to spend time and money replacing employees. Focus on recruiting better ones by following the advice from this vlog. Focus on retaining your top sales staff by staying flexible, customer-focused, and offering incentivized benefits.

Did you know that moving on requires losing a sales team member, which can cause financial loss? For example, one study estimates the average cost of replacing an employee is $97,690. A few replacements could mean half a million yearly lost sales department revenue and hiring, training, and compensation costs.

Keeping your best salesperson is not just a business tactic; it allows you to maintain long-term profitability.


A study revealed that voluntary resignations account for half of the salespeople who leave a company. Behind these numbers are 33% of employees being fired, 22% retiring, and 13% quitting to focus on other ventures.

Helping a salesperson overcome the pain points of retention can ensure the best performance.

Let’s talk about these top ten tips for retaining your best salespeople.

Set attainable quotas and measurable metrics

Bear Bull Co BBC Top 10 Tips on How To Retain Your Best Salespeople AgreementManaging your sales team can be challenging. Working on your metrics, especially using the right tools and technology, will help you make more informed decisions. You can increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction with analytics, data, insights, and information at the ready.

Many sales professionals will leave their company because they feel that their company does not offer the skills required to be successful. They go when they think they don’t get enough support from their sales managers, quotas are impossible to reach, and the commission structure doesn’t make sense. 

It would be best if you worked with your sales team to ensure they have the right tools to meet their goals. It would be best if you communicated with them and put together a plan on how they envision completing their goal.

Make salespeople feel that they are ‘solution providers’

One of the issues the sales team faces is retaining talent. Unlike other industries, competing in the sales field is more challenging because most people think their sales jobs are easy and not competitive. To position themselves as a solution provider to these challenges, we teach others to view themselves as having an essential part in selling a global work culture that works.

Give salespeople the proper recognition.

Establish a system that organizes and recognizes essential work in your company. It offers employee compensation such as incentives and benefits to sustain employees. By investing in their development, you invest back with higher turnover rates, lower costs, and increased loyalty. Gallup’s research revealed that employees who do not feel recognized for significant accomplishments are likely to quit within the following year.

Consider these seven things you can do to recognize their hard work:

Bear Bull Co BBC Top 10 Tips on How To Retain Your Best Salespeople DiscussionOne, recognize them publicly and hand them a certificate of commendation or recognition.

Two, make them feel valued by providing recognition from managers or CEOs. 

Three, conduct a peer-to-peer recognition.

Four, let them know what the customers say about them or let them know their customer’s satisfaction. 

Five, give them time off to relax and have a good time. 

Six, give them a monetary reward. 

Seven, give them the promotion they deserve. 

You get creative when asking your sales team what they want. Maybe their feedback is simple ideas or things that won’t cost the organization that you can efficiently work into your plan.

Instead of only offering monetary compensation, add more options for professional growth that could include features in the company newsletter and meetings with senior executives. Numerous people in your organization can bring value to each other and would like to be recognized. Let them shine, and they will reciprocate in their way.

Give the proper reward

Many occupations, including sales jobs, feel undervalued and underappreciated for their hard work. These workers need to be rewarded for their products or services that may help a company succeed. Rewards can take many forms, such as verbally thanking staff or providing them with awards. Regardless of what you do to recognize your employees’ hard work, there is never any harm in praising and rewarding them for their efforts.

Provide growth opportunities

Bear Bull Co BBC Top 10 Tips on How To Retain Your Best Salespeople RetentionBecause companies like to keep their experienced and high-performing salespeople, they offer a clear career path from entry-level employees to leadership roles. They are proactively supportive of leadership skills development in their top performers.

Salespeople want to grow personally and professionally, and savvy managers understand this need and accommodate it by providing a wide range of opportunities. Continuous training and development can motivate employees and often provide a solid incentive to stay with the company.

Promoting from within is both good for the company and the employees. The employees can advance their careers, reduce knowledge loss, and boost loyalty. This allows companies to cultivate their skilled workforce.

For your sales department, it may make sense to look within rather than outside. By examining your current bench of talent, you can find employees who can become superstars closer.

In sales, talent is valuable and must be led with intention. With a clear path to success and increased income potential, talented salespeople typically have training sessions and regular accountability. The clarity of these sorts of meetings provides valuable adjustment opportunities and opportunities to celebrate success or reapply your current talent pool.

Emphasize pieces of training

Bear Bull Co BBC Top 10 Tips on How To Retain Your Best Salespeople Team AgendaFinding and retaining good employees is difficult because they are trained extensively in quality sales practices. Train your agents well so they can reach their potential.

As a sales manager, it’s important to have a training program that is timely, relevant, realistic, and recurrent. Experienced sales managers takes a high premium on training and purposefully design their programs to be time efficient, easy to implement, and unique.

Having no time to help improve productivity will lead to a losing battle. Salespeople are less productive due to not being trained or having downtime.

Without engaging in a productive discussion, it becomes more difficult for high-level salespeople to find new opportunities. Less established salespeople can benefit from the assistance and guidance that their high-level counterparts might provide.


Salespeople, in general, are strong-headed and help to drive the industry. They work hard to reach their sales quota, keep up with their career, or master a skill set. Some salespeople will transfer to different jobs for new challenges and opportunities.

Sometimes, giving your sales team new titles or promotions can be unnecessary so that you can give them new challenges instead.

Find new channels for expansion by expanding your skills. Consider speaking engagements, leading training sessions, continued learning events, or consulting opportunities within the organization.

Engage with salespeople 

Bear Bull Co BBC Top 10 Tips on How To Retain Your Best Salespeople Team DiscussionCulture must always be dynamic as soon as it’s added to your company, so make sure you’re constantly engaging with your employees, asking for feedback, and inviting them to participate in the entire sales process. As your company grows, continue to repeat steps 1 and 2 continuously. A thriving culture needs to align with company objectives and revenue goals.

Employees who feel engaged with their work have a more significant impact on their company’s performance than those who do not. Gallup reports that engaged job holders achieve more sales and make quicker judgments, among other benefits. You want your team to be committed and motivated.

Spend time with your employees to let them get to know you, and let’s promote company happiness. Bring everybody together for important meetings, reviews, and celebrations.

You can get to know them by simply talking or asking them questions like what’s important to them? Are they starting a family? What are the things they do during their free time? Or are they planning to purchase a new home, car, or the latest gadget? 

Know more about their interests and engage them in a way that reinforces these interests. This information will boost your ability to motivate and engage with your readers, leading to a more robust long-term relationship.

Motivate them

Money, awards, and praise can motivate employees to excel. However, in order to keep your team happy, you should find out what motivates them on their terms. They might need a pay raise for more money or time off for time off. Acknowledging their goals will also make people feel valued. When you are aware of how they like to be recognized, you can show them your appreciation with different rewards or recognition.

Offer them support 

Bear Bull Co BBC Top 10 Tips on How To Retain Your Best Salespeople Team Meeting 2Although it would be wise for salespeople to devote some time to prospecting, the marketing and sales departments shouldn’t be looked at as one. When marketing tasks are filled that should be done by someone else, the sales team will likely struggle to excel at their actual job.

You can give your salesforce the best tools to do their jobs with suitable materials. To retain your best employees long-term, ensure that your message and materials address all their needs.

Even if you sell the same product or service, each salesperson should be treated uniquely. Attempt to provide the most appropriate support to each person by giving them the room they need. Apathetic management will lead people to leave, sometimes in frustration and other times because of the lack of opportunities for advancement or professional satisfaction.

Another thing, the skills required to be an effective salesperson are fundamental, but such skills aren’t always a reliable way of measuring leadership potential.


Since people need an opportunity to advance, companies must provide leadership development opportunities so their employees can continue growing. Companies must select the best people for management positions with specific goals and give them new and diverse responsibilities requiring new skill sets. 

A sales manager’s career and income are critically dependent on their ability to recruit, develop and retain top sales performers.


Agents come and go through the company. However, to consistently retain agents, a well-planned replacement strategy is imperative. The most effective managers acknowledge that new people are constantly coming in and are quick to implement plans for potential replacements. Managers, more commonly referred to as naive or inexperienced, often find themselves baffled by their systems and end up losing the recruitment battle.

Job satisfaction is directly linked to people’s relationship with their sales manager. Job exit surveys consistently show this, according to a study.

As a result of their success, award-winning managers understand the importance of treating their salespeople as business partners rather than employees.

Avoid changing compensation plans

Bear Bull Co BBC Top 10 Tips on How To Retain Your Best Salespeople Team MeetingThe number one complaint of top salespeople for over 26 years is that their company changed the compensation plan for the worse. A reason for changes or reductions in commissions might attract people enough to keep fighting and produce results. So take heed, and do not make extensive changes without considering your implications.

Salespeople want to work in a professional, rewarding company. Offering your employees incentives can be beneficial – but it is imperative that you choose the suitable method of incentivization. Changing your policies might not position you for success if you are not aware of your audience, current needs, and more.

To retain your top-performing salespeople, it is essential to ensure they are not paid too much and feel appreciated so that you will keep them on board. If your salespeople begin to wonder if their work at the firm would be more lucrative elsewhere, it may be hard to keep them around.

To retain your best salespeople, make sure to maintain open communication. Leaders who are progressive throughout their success recognize that relationships and empowerment are the only way to stay relevant. They, therefore, work to keep the chains of communication open and lead through praise rather than control so that they can build a strong relationship with their teams.


Managers can achieve a more developed relationship with their employees by adopting the principles of enlightened leadership. These allow companies to develop more substantial and more productive relationships, resulting in a much-improved workforce.

Employees with good interpersonal relationships are more committed and content. They will more likely want to remain with the company and forgo other opportunities on their own accord. Encourage your employees to work collaboratively to make each team member feel safe, valued, and comfortable.


Bear Bull Co BBC Top 10 Tips on How To Retain Your Best Salespeople TeamResearch has shown that friendship is essential not just for employees but also for businesses overall. This was true at all levels of businesses, although it meshed particularly well with the company culture.

Studies have shown that women who strongly agree that they have a best friend at work are more than twice as likely to be engaged (63%) compared to women who do not (29%).

Sales can be a position that is difficult for those newly entering the field. Still, there are methods to build camaraderie among this new group and reach out to those outside the office to socialize. One way is through networking during office parties and happy hours. Another way is through team retreats.

Getting your sales team to come together, compare notes and share stories can help tremendously in retaining your best salesperson.

You can keep your best salesperson without spending much money by offering them bonuses or additional responsibilities that align with their interests and showing appreciation for their work.

You can boost engagement and connections between your salespeople, other people, and your organization by finding creative ways to get employees involved.

It is about the value and not the price. This applies to the retention of salespeople throughout your organization.

For sure, there’s one effective way to retain salespeople in your mind? We will be waiting for your feedback in the comment below.

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Bear Bull Co BBC Should Your Organization Let Your Salespeople Permanently Work Remotely

Should Your Organization Let Your Salespeople Permanently Work Remotely?

Bear Bull Co BBC Should Your Organization Let Your Salespeople Permanently Work Remotely

Hello, people. Welcome to the BBC Youtube channel. With the pandemic getting better, companies need to decide whether or not to keep using remote employees again.

BBC members, even with current economic and viral trends, improving sales remains a key business goal. Boosting sales if your company took a major hit due to coronavirus is within your reach. If you want more of this content, subscribe to the BBC Youtube channel and hit the notification bell.


Bear Bull Co BBC Should Your Organization Let Your Salespeople Permanently Work Remotely CallingIs your sales team considering full-time remote work? As the exception to a necessity, remote work seems to be transitioning from permission to an option. Part of this is setting up the right environment.

It’s not easy to transition a team to remote sales. Working remotely doesn’t mean you won’t have office politics or commute issues. It also requires proper planning and schedules.

For many companies, it is difficult to switch your sales team to 100% remote, with a brick-and-mortar office. Transforming your company’s culture into that of an entirely remote team can be a struggle.

As a remote worker, transitioning to an entirely remote workforce requires some slight changes. For instance, the long-term benefits that come in with the process of going forever-remote can turn into something that influences organizational changes, including company wide advantages.


A recent study shows that workers are seeking more opportunities outside of the office. In a UK survey, 70% of British employees said that remote work was a good idea.

With smart planning, creativity, and tools like digital assistants, there are many natural benefits to working remotely instead of tipping in a traditional office setting. Loneliness being an obvious downside to working remotely can be mitigated greatly with common sense, creativity, and technology with the lifestyle benefits such as freedom and work-life balance should never be underestimated.


Bear Bull Co BBC Should Your Organization Let Your Salespeople Permanently Work Remotely Calls 2A study from Stanford University found that remote workers are 13% more productive than people who work in an office.

With the automation of remote work, low-cost apps become available for capturing and analyzing important sales metrics such as pipeline management. Also, this is a great transition for documentation including historical learning to demonstrate and improve your own processes.

With the key processes well-documented, your company saves a lot of time on training new team members. This eliminates most of the need to train employees and documents key actions so that they are easily understandable by all team members.

Companies with remote-active teams can benefit from Sales managers with a better understanding of how scientists reach key sales goals.


Remote work is becoming more popular as a result of shifts during the coronavirus pandemic. Traditional beliefs about the downsides have largely been disproved.

The new era of talent-matching helps companies have an advantage in the intense competition for top employees. With HR opening the door to hiring from anywhere, companies are always able to find the best talent available, no matter where they’re located or what industry they’re contributing to.


Bear Bull Co BBC Should Your Organization Let Your Salespeople Permanently Work Remotely CallsCompanies can save $10,000 per year by hiring remote sales team members–barring any physical limitations on company growth. Some companies use the flexibility of having their sales teams work remotely, which allows them to efficiently grow their non-corporeal business.

Remote-first employees are able to maintain the same level of productivity in an improved space with a variety of automation tools.

When you want to gain maximal benefit from your sales team, it’s not just about having the right systems in place but also using effective digital tools in the right areas.

The most effective way for a sales team to connect with prospects and leads is through digital or remote customer relationship management systems. Many popular names like Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics allow sales teams to reduce the infinite variables of thousands of prospects in real-time.

These types of cloud-based systems can provide reliability for distributed workforces managing client relationships. If you are willing to make an investment, researching your potential CRM solutions is worth it.


The CMRM that you choose should be carefully considered because it can have a significant impact on your future success.

Cloud-based project management software gives teams a way to keep track of where their time is spent on projects, while also enabling individual team members to keep track of their time. Applications like Asana and Trello allow for intricate project coordination even if stakeholders are in different time zones.


Bear Bull Co BBC Should Your Organization Let Your Salespeople Permanently Work Remotely Female 2By linking up project management with sales tracking, you can see what works best for each prospect and adjust your strategy based on the scheme.

Choosing the right project management software is recommended because it helps in time and labor efficiency. The tasks are well-organized, aligned, and achieve mutual goals and produce higher levels of effective sales.

High-risk cybersecurity and the need for change in how information is shared lead to companies deploying multi-platform retailers to hunt for security threats. The end result is new, diverse, and distributed cybersecurity solutions that have poor privacy settings.

Mitigating against the vulnerabilities never posed by human employees who work on legacy systems can involve investing in an enterprise IP security solution and deploying VPNs to remote sales teams.

Remote teams are reaping the benefits of telecommuting

With its significant benefits for sales managers and companies, no wonder organizations are embracing it. The companies that invest upfront in CRM solutions and other tools will set their salespeople up for success.

Network engineers will need to consider a fundamental change in their work environment when going remote. Trying to bring over old processes and tools might make things worse.

The benefits of remote working include financial gain, increased productivity, and the opportunity to turn processes into assets. It is an effective way for a sales team to close more deals.

Hundreds of professionals have been working from home as early as before the pandemic began. Whether it was a corporate decision to reduce overhead expenses, or a personal decision to cut travel times, more salespeople were working from home offices before the pandemic even happened.


With the growing demands of working from home, here are some tips on how to be effective at home while staying positive.

While the opportunities for salespeople are booming, it can become difficult to maintain a positive attitude while working from home. Thanks to B2B Sales Connections, you can work in your pajamas if you don’t have to deal with co-workers and meetings everyday.


Bear Bull Co BBC Should Your Organization Let Your Salespeople Permanently Work Remotely Female 3It is suitable to have a designated work area, where you are really at the office. Dedicating an entire room or section of your house is ideal, but you can also dedicate a 30 step commute and spend that time at a desk or table in your kitchen. Family discord will arise if you work at the dining table.

It is important to practice self-discipline and maintain a healthy balance between work and home. If you find yourself becoming burnt out quickly, stop putting in the extra hours at work. At the end of the day, you should make it a priority to be with your family. You wouldn’t answer your phone 24/7 if you worked out of an office downtown, so don’t answer your phone during dinner while working from home. It is important that you prioritize your time, just as any other business person would do.

Get dressed for work every day. If you work in your pajamas, you will feel mentally relaxed and not ready to go into work. You shouldn’t wear a suit to work every day, but at least choose business casual attire so that you don’t feel like you’re going into work unprepared.


It can be very difficult for people to work alone, especially sales people. They should schedule time to meet and speak with others. Conference calls or webinars are good ways of staying connected with the team, while using Skype provides the opportunity to connect “face to face” with colleagues who may not be located in the office every day. A manager should also schedule weekly conferences or webinars with those who report into their office or do not have a day-to-day presence at the office.

As long as you are working from home, there are certain things that you should do to stay on track. For some tips on keeping your work and home life in balance, see the PC Magazine article about 20 Tips for Working From Home.


Bear Bull Co BBC Should Your Organization Let Your Salespeople Permanently Work Remotely FemaleYou’ll also need to limit distractions and set boundaries with your family. This might involve changing your work environment or investment in some organizational tools.

From the moment COVID was released, businesses in a variety of industries were disrupted. Sales teams started to transition how they talked to customers and each other, as well as how they could work effectively remotely. The result meant that a sales manager’s job significantly shifted from training their team, to tasks such as video conferencing and closed-circuit TV for remote workers.

If you need to manage remote workers, try teleconferences and screen sharing. My business partner took care of a marketing department that increased sales annually by 39%, making their work at home office more productive. They created creative ways to handle face-to-face customer meetings when the customer is at their home office too.

Collaboration between different people can now easily happen by using cloud based tools.


Business will definitely be affected as natural disasters progress. The extent of what it might be, however, is undetermined.

There is an experience with companies experiencing a down in business during the summer and holiday seasons.

These busy seasons, when companies advertise and try to get the best product out there, can be very difficult.


Change your sales routine by following the six-step system discussed in this video. When the change feels hard to manage, it’s easier to stick to a predictable schedule you’re confident in.

No one really knows how life will roll around. Whatever happens, a curve ball will probably come your way soon. The only thing you can do is prepare in advance.

Now that office hours can be limited, working from home has become a growing trend. Creating a space for your work and yourself is super important for productivity.

In the meantime, remember to choose your environment with the objective in mind. If you want to be the best you can be and achieve what you envision for yourself, you should do so indoors instead of outdoors. Company President W. Clement Stone suggested that we should always spend time in comfortable settings and with familiar people as this helps us flourish without feeling overwhelmed.

Island Time

While many aspects of sales are an individual effort, it can be difficult for managers to find the time and bandwidth for support. Most salespeople have a smaller support team, but still feel out of their depth with clients. One solution to this issue is constantly piloting your own process and digital skill set. Self-sufficient means keeping up to date on tools, building and monitoring your own sales funnel and finding new prospects whether they come from a lead generation operation or not.

Office Space

Bear Bull Co BBC Should Your Organization Let Your Salespeople Permanently Work Remotely MaleIf you want to get the most out of your intense, focused work sessions and need an office that doesn’t take up your entire home or a spare room anywhere in the house, set up a space in a nook of your apartment or create one in a walk-in closet. When you’re not there working, be sure to let your brain know that the work day has come to an end and relax by doing something entirely different. These subtle cues will help you prepare for quality work when you enter your workspace and benefit other aspects of your life, such as personal relationships.

Narrowed Focus

It can be hard to maintain focus when you work from home, especially when the office is in your house. Try focusing on the task at hand by turning off any interruptions. In a world where everything is interconnected with distractions, it’s best to search for quiet spaces to cut yourself off. We live in a modern-day world where the noise of children and dogs can easily overwhelm you.

Either you take control of these distractions or they’ll control you. For example, keep a separate notebook on hand and for the next week, write down everything that diverts your attention from work as it happens. You walk into the bedroom to grab a sweater and notice the full laundry hamper, then think “It won’t take but a minute to start the wash.” Write that down, along with the time it actually took to start the wash — which was more than a minute.

At the end of the week, read through your list and add up how much time is spent on non-work activities during your work day. This includes pausing next to the TV to catch a minute of news, the time it took to rearrange the refrigerator shelf when you went to look for a cold drink and exchanging pleasantries with the Amazon delivery guy.

Avoid distractions and think about the things that you need to focus on. If you have company coming over, make sure someone is taking care of your responsibilities so that you can focus completely on your sales process.

Office Rules

Bear Bull Co BBC Should Your Organization Let Your Salespeople Permanently Work Remotely TaskFigure out when you’re going to do your work and plan accordingly. Schedule work hours that work best for your schedule and personal life. When you know what time you’ll be working during the week, stick to it. Don’t make any personal calls during those scheduled hours and stay off social media. It’s wise to keep the business aspects of life separate from your personal life. If you have trained yourself to turn the computer off when not in use and walk away from the desk, you can delegate tasks or chores because you will do them once your “work” day is over.

Line Up

With the cell phone so useful, people have a hard time remembering to slow down and focus on tasks. This can be a problem at work as well. Consider adding an extra line to your phone so you don’t miss important messages or calls. This is highly recommended in an office setting where employees are simply paid to take their eye off the screen during breaks. Some cell providers charge around $10 a month for this added line.

Process Makes Perfect

Bear Bull Co BBC Should Your Organization Let Your Salespeople Permanently Work Remotely WorkingIf you’re accustomed to having people provide the structure and process for your sales, take control. When you have concentrated uninterrupted time – usually either on a weekend or during vacation – turn off all devices. Go outside on the patio. Grab a notebook and pen and think through how you sell: Prospecting, qualifying, contact, follow-up, pitching, closing post-close handoff. If your company has a CRM (like Salesforce or Outreach), learn to use it to its full potential. It can probably track your prospects, where each is in the sales funnel, last contact, next steps and even send alerts.

 If not, consider subscribing to one yourself (Salesforce single seat option for $25/mo) or use another workflow tool to formalize your process in digital form. Yes, it takes time to type names and messaging data into CRMs but that time will more than pay off in higher sales (and more commissions). Allow some time in your schedule to “clean up” your tools every day. The most effective time is at the end of the day just before you close the shop. Put all of your activities into the CRM to keep things organized for tomorrow’s tasks – What is important? What isn’t?

Stock the Shelves

If your company doesn’t have a central repository for these things, like a GoogleDrive or shared DropBox folder, make one of your own. These file types can save hours to find the updated product specification sheet.

Multitasking Is A Myth: Learn to Single task

Set aside specific time for each of your tasks to make sure you don’t miss any important emails; it will definitely raise your response rate. Don’t be tempted to “multitask” when prospecting and talking simultaneously.

The idea that humans can do more than one thing at a time — and be truly effective at both — is pure, unadulterated horse hockey. By contrast, modern neuroscientists have confirmed what Publius Syrus said 2000 years ago: “To do two things at once is to do neither.”

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Bear Bull Co BBC Why The Most Successful Salespeople Still Use Scripts

Why The Most Successful Salespeople Still Use Scripts

Bear Bull Co BBC Why The Most Successful Salespeople Still Use Scripts

People would have laughed at you if you had told them a decade ago that the most successful salespeople are still using scripts. The internet has made it easier than ever to learn just about anything you want. So with all this content and courses available, how did you know which ones to learn from and which ones actually work?

Luckily for you, BBC Member, for today’s video we will be talking about why  the most successful sales people are still using scripts. Remember, that while the first step is completing any of this amazing information, the second and possibly more important step is taking action even if it’s imperfect action.


Bear Bull Co BBC Why The Most Successful Salespeople Still Use Scripts CallsMany salespeople assert that they never have used and never will use scripts. Many people disagree with the concept of scripting, claiming that they are “phony,” “don’t work,” “make you sound like a telemarketer,” or that it is “impossible to use a script because every call is different.”

In actuality, every salesperson follows a script. Why? Read on. Your prospects probably ask you the same questions over and over again. If you’ve worked in sales for even a very brief period, your responses to those questions are probably quite typical. If you consistently give the same responses to certain questions, then those responses are your scripts. You undoubtedly encounter the same potential customers’ objections repeatedly, and you’ve probably developed fairly standard responses to them. These responses are also scripted if you consistently use the same counterargument in response to the same objection.

Scripts are just another name for elevator speeches. Additionally, you most likely have a fairly standard way of introducing yourself to potential clients. A brief introduction you could give to a prospect in an elevator that would be finished and understood by the time the elevator reached your floor is sometimes referred to as an “elevator speech.” I bet if you’ve been in sales for even a short time, you’ve probably found yourself giving prospects what is known as an “elevator speech”—also known as a script—over and over again.

You see, it makes no difference that your dependable responses are not recorded or that you occasionally vary how you deliver them. You are using scripts if you continually use the same language when speaking to various prospects or clients.

Do the results from your script match your expectations?

Bear Bull Co BBC Why The Most Successful Salespeople Still Use Scripts Female AgentNot using a script is the issue at hand. Does your script actually work, is the real query. Does your script produce the desired outcomes for you? Shouldn’t you be saying something else if it doesn’t? Does what you say get you the appointment when you call prospects to set up meetings? Your script won’t run if it doesn’t. Does what you say get you the sale if your entire sales process takes place over the phone? Your script won’t run if it doesn’t.

Why would you ever want to say anything other than what works if you are making prospecting calls to set up appointments and you are actually doing this frequently? And why would you ever want to say anything else if your entire sale is closed over the phone and you are actually closing many sales?

Effective Salespeople Don’t Wing It Successful salespeople use scripts that they have developed over time and that they frequently use. They are aware of what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. Many of these accomplished people don’t consider their words to be part of a script, but if you listen carefully, you will recognize that they frequently repeat the same opening statements, talking points, and responses. The truly effective salespeople don’t wing it.

You might feel strongly negative things as a small business owner about sales scripts. It’s true that the phrase “sales script” makes many business owners (and even employees) cringe in contempt.

The robotic, phony, and manufactured responses of telemarketers and commercial customer service representatives come to mind as examples of how sales scripts have earned a bad reputation. Sales scripts continue to be crucial to the success of many businesses, both big and small. Even though you might be tempted to scoff at the idea of implementing them in your own company, this could be a great time to embrace the advantages that sales scripts can offer to your company’s sales process.

Here are some justifications for including sales scripts in your regular sales procedure.

Sales scripts let you keep your message consistent.

Bear Bull Co BBC Why The Most Successful Salespeople Still Use Scripts Practice 2Consistency is crucial because it keeps customers coming back to you rather than your competitors, which is what propels your business in a successful direction. You can make sure that everyone is adhering to the same procedures, making the same promises (that you can keep), and promoting the same ideas by training your team to use a sales script. In essence, you’re ensuring consistency within your own brand in addition to controlling what your employees say.

Remember that just because something is called a “sales script,” doesn’t mean your team can stray from it occasionally in order to close a deal. Sales scripts shouldn’t take the place of your staff members’ unique talents or personalities. Instead, they ought to be utilized as a tool to direct the sales procedure and give your staff the information they require to be prepared for a range of circumstances and inquiries.

Sales scripts help to generate more leads.

Stronger engagement with prospective customers can occur when your sales team is organized and knows exactly what they will say. Positive interactions encourage follow-up meetings, increased professionalism, and ultimately higher conversion rates.

One common misconception about sales scripts is that they encourage over-talking on the part of the salesperson. Contrarily, effective sales scripts help your team members become better listeners. Your team will be more focused on listening to the specific queries or issues a lead brings up during their conversation if they already have prepared responses to offer. This will help build a stronger rapport and lead to a subsequent sale.

Sales scripts address typical objections up front.

It cannot be emphasized enough: the secret to closing the deal is being well-prepared for everything. Your salespeople can prepare perfectly matched responses when they are trained to anticipate the potential objections that customers may raise.

It’s simple to update and revise sales scripts.

Bear Bull Co BBC Why The Most Successful Salespeople Still Use Scripts Practicing 2Your sales script should obviously change as your business grows and as your internal policies or offerings change. Now, let’s say that you have a script, you can simply update it rather than starting from scratch. It shouldn’t be a problem to ask your team to learn the script again. The main idea ought to stay the same, with only a few minor changes based on new knowledge gained through experience, new goods or services you provide, etc.

No matter how you’ve felt about sales scripts in the past, it’s obvious that they can be a very useful tool for your sales team by keeping your message consistent and adequately preparing your team. You must now decide whether to include sales scripts in your sales process.

Reduces Anxiety

53 percent of sales agents “give up too easily when cold calling,” according to APNews, while 48 percent are reluctant to pick up the phone. Both beginning cold calling and persuading a stranger to listen to what you have to say are difficult tasks. Many agents experience stress and anxiety as a result of this. It’s also one of the factors that discourages companies from making cold calls.

By providing the call agent with a safety net during the conversation, having a script can increase their confidence. They may feel more prepared and capable of interacting with prospects after learning the script.

Tone: prepared and professional

Your agents may sound more professional if you know what they’re going to say and when. Customers prefer to converse with knowledgeable, well-prepared individuals. This improves the lead’s perception of the brand and its goods/services in addition to giving the speaker the appearance of competence.

Ready to face challenges

Customers frequently have a variety of excuses for not making a purchase. Customers’ spending anxiety can be reduced and their confidence in their purchase increased by having answers ready for any potential problems or complaints. As they will be prepared for responses, it can also help your agents unwind, which enhances the call’s dynamic.

A rise in productivity

Bear Bull Co BBC Why The Most Successful Salespeople Still Use Scripts PracticingAn improvement in productivity follows from the favorable dynamic that scripting can create between the sales agent and the potential customer. Agents can clearly understand their goals for the call when they have a script. It might be a sale, a recommendation, or a meeting reservation. In either case, the script aids them in remembering and pursuing their objectives, ensuring outcomes.

The benefit of this is that having specific goals in your script makes it easier to measure productivity. Agents can easily see if they have accomplished the necessary goals by using a to-do list. Additionally, you can evaluate the success of your plan.

These advantages of scripting set up a cycle that can greatly aid your cold calling strategy. Employees who use a script are less nervous and more assured. They deliver with a laid-back attitude, which changes how they interact with customers. Through conversions, subscriptions, and other means, this has an effect on productivity and the bottom line.

But there are drawbacks that counteract the advantages…

Why Not Using A Script Is A Good Idea

Hinders employees

The script can help and support agents, but it also has the potential to demoralize and undervalue them. For seasoned sales professionals, this is especially true. They may feel constrained by a script.

Scripted calls may be interpreted by agents as a lack of confidence in their abilities, which could discourage them from giving their all.

Automated tone

The result of dissatisfied employees? Customers are uninspired to interact with your business as a result of their lack of ambition and minimal effort. Your caller-receiver dynamic may also suffer from dull and boring interactions. Additionally, leads may find robotic and boring scripted and planned conversation.

It’s the traditional explanation for why not everyone can be an actor. Many people switch from their natural, conversational voices to stiff, robotic tones as soon as a script is involved. Customers become alienated and think, “Oh no! No more salespeople, please!

Poor outcomes

Consequently, scripting may come across as impersonal to the agent as well as the potential client. They are both unhappy about this. The fact that 75% of consumers list personalized experiences as one of the factors in their brand selection will have an effect on your bottom line.

Having trouble deciding?

Scripting can go incredibly wrong or incredibly well. Businesses find it challenging to make the best decisions as a result. The great thing is that you might not have to make a decision. You have a choice between two options.

A “funnel” for scripts

Bear Bull Co BBC Why The Most Successful Salespeople Still Use Scripts RehearsingJunior agents can be trained and introduced to cold calling using scripts as a training tool. These may be comprehensive, detailed scripts with advice on how to conduct successful cold calls. Employees who have gained confidence and preparedness can become less reliant on the script as they gain experience.

In essence, you direct them off-script as they advance. Additionally, you can encourage each user to modify the script to better fit their speaking style. Make scripts available to all employees so they can review their objectives and make sure their results are met.

Create a template for a script

Instead of writing a lengthy, detailed script for salespeople to follow, give them a template. All of the advantages of a script are present in a template, but none of the drawbacks. Using a template, you can include the essential actions and objectives to guarantee productivity and properly train employees.

The seller can alter the template to fit the flow of the conversation and the customer, so it offers all the structure of a script without making the conversation feel constrained. Additionally, this discourages the mechanical reading of the script and encourages natural, interpersonal communication.

Here are some quick hints for making a template:

  • Allow time for genuine greetings and building rapport
  • Establish a set of questions (include specific and open-ended questions)
  • Include obvious cues for sellers to pay attention to customers
  • Define the agent’s objectives (you can relate them to the aforementioned questions).
  • Avoid objections and provide potential responses to them.

Bear Bull Co BBC Why The Most Successful Salespeople Still Use Scripts Training 2It’s difficult to make cold calls. You must develop a strong cold calling strategy if you want to fully capitalize on all the potential that cold calling has to offer for your sales efforts. To do this, consider how you want your prospects to feel at the conclusion of the call. Know some solution to make it easier for your staff to muster the courage to answer the phone as well.

As you can see, using a sales script has both advantages and disadvantages. Finding what works for your brand, its clients, and your sales team may therefore require some experimentation and an open mind.

If you’re unsure of whether “to script or not to script,” what then?

So keep in mind that cunning weakness you have at your disposal—a model to follow. To support your objectives and increase the effectiveness of your agents, think about using a dedicated sales cold calling solution. Your agents can still be prepared, professional, approachable, and productive if you use the right cold calling solution, whether or not you decide to use a script.

Why Following Sales Scripts is Necessary to Establish Credibility

We’ve overheard thousands of salespeople say, “I don’t like using sales scripts,” over the years. It just doesn’t work because it sounds so stiff and robotic. Let me say that again: Over the years, we’ve heard that from thousands of unsuccessful salespeople. Successful salespeople are aware that having a script—a predetermined procedure they adhere to when interacting with clients—is essential to their success.

The following scripts are useful for a reason: They promote trust when used properly.

Prospects React to Self-Assurance

Bear Bull Co BBC Why The Most Successful Salespeople Still Use Scripts Training 3You’ve likely heard the adage “It’s not just what you say, but how you say it”. That ties in with the idea that communication is much more than just the exchange of information. We also exchange feelings, zeal, and opinions when we converse with another person. Because so much of this interaction occurs subconsciously, we often don’t even realize we’re doing it. But it continues to occur.

It explains why we don’t trust people who mumble, avoid eye contact, and use filler words like “um” more frequently than actual words. They might have a great solution if they are a salesperson. Although their information may be excellent, it is much more difficult to believe them.

Sales scripts establish a dependable course

You are prepared to speak when you have scripted some of your sales presentations. The fact that you understand why and how to say something is more important. Every customer conversation follows the same pattern, even for successful salespeople who adamantly deny using scripts. They have internalized their scripts so thoroughly that they aren’t even aware of doing it.

Although they aren’t, most salespeople believe that their conversations are always unique. The issues you address, the attributes and advantages you offer, and the queries your clients ask remain largely constant. When you have a consistent conversational process, you will share the appropriate information in the appropriate manner, and for those occasions when something unexpected does arise, you’ll have a strong foundation that you can modify and expand upon.

When you aren’t trying to come up with something to say, it enables you to concentrate on the emotional connection you share with your conversation partner. And because you’re paying attention, you can react to them more successfully.

You Become More Professional by Scripting Your Approach

Bear Bull Co BBC Why The Most Successful Salespeople Still Use Scripts TrainingSuccess in the majority of professions goes to those who can consistently and reliably repeat a set of skills at a high level of competence (unless you’re a professional improv comedian). Professional baseball players don’t appear to reinvent their swing each time they step up to the plate. And in every conversation, you shouldn’t make the same mistakes. The worry is that if you stick to a script, you’ll come across as artificial.

Have you, however, seen a play or a movie?

The actors sound absolutely natural despite the fact that all of the dialogue was prewritten. Internalized scripts are not robotic. In fact, because they aren’t stumbling and struggling for words, the actors’ assurance and expertise can shine through.

Untrained actors can be difficult to see because they do tend to sound robotic. That won’t be a problem if you aren’t a novice, though. Spend the time and effort necessary to memorize your lines, and your confidence will come across.

Beginning Your Own Script

Three areas will benefit from scripting, though you don’t have to write out every word you’ll say to a customer or prospect. It’s valuable to take a few minutes in front of the computer to type out these:

Select the two to three discovery questions.

At the beginning of your presentation, pose these queries to each prospect. Word for word, memorize.

What would you like to say in closing?

Have a standard method for asking for business every time. Your confidence will increase because it will be easier for you to say.

Establish standard responses to your top three objections.

You’ll notice that your prospects present you with relatively few objections when you analyze your sales conversations. Have a concise response for each of them.

By the way, if you have never previously written out your sales conversations, you will sound stiff the first few times you follow a script. You’re still picking it up. But if you are persistent, the stiffness will eventually disappear, leaving you to interact with prospects and clients with a strong sense of confidence. Good things take place at that time.


That’s it for this video BBC Member, remember to subscribe to our channel and if you feel like we’ve delivered value please share this video with ONE person. That’s right just one person as a token of your appreciation for the hard work we put into making content that educates and helps you on your mission of building your own fortune. Remember you can watch video after video, but it isn’t until you actually take action that you’ll start to see results. See you soon!

Bear Bull Co BBCTop 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Meetings

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Meetings

Bear Bull Co BBCTop 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Meetings

Do your sales meetings produce anything of value? The majority of time spent in a sales meeting is usually dedicated to updating everyone on what the sales manager does. It takes much planning to get those meetings to happen, so much that it may not be in the salesperson’s best interest. They’re less motivated going into these meetings than they were before attending.

Luckily for you, BBC Member, we’ve produced a list of the top ten ways to improve your sales meeting. Remember that the first step is completing any of these fantastic courses. The second possibly more critical step is to take action, even if it’s imperfect action.


Bear Bull Co BBCTop 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Meetings 1Sales meetings usually take numerous forms. Some sales meetings are incredibly motivating and inspire your team to get caught up in the process of launching new sales opportunities. However, sales meetings are often counterproductive and waste much time by distracting your team from the work they are supposed to be doing.

Having your remote sales team members in sync with what was discussed during a meeting is critical for the success of your organization. A recent survey revealed that 36% of workers would be less effective if they had remote sessions. To keep your remote team in line, you should use the latest technology to keep them up-to-date and focus on what was discussed at the last meeting.

Everyone involved must be on the same page if you are responsible for running sales meetings in your company. You don’t want to waste time while your valuable time is wasted with unproductive meetings.

Let’s discuss the top ten ways to improve your sales meeting. 

Be Consistent

It is helpful to have your sales meeting at the same time each week so that your team can get into a routine. The more you have a sales meeting, and the more likely your team will attend. If your team only consists of experienced salespeople, you could reduce the number of times you hold sales meetings back to twice a week.

It is also essential to have an example agenda template that covers the same topic areas each time. Of course, switching topics randomly or backtracking when a new issue comes up for discussion may be necessary. However, having the agenda written before the meeting enables the group to stick with what has been discussed and ensures that all attendees are on the same page—avoiding going into too much background information when it is unnecessary.

Think of a time-saving agenda

Bear Bull Co BBCTop 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Meetings AgendaSales meeting time can be cut in half by printing a card with the meeting agenda and outlining the day’s follow-up activities.

Planning before the meeting will make it easier for you and your team. Thinking ahead, writing out specific talking points to highlight, and taking note of what matters most in the meeting cuts down on questions, tangents, and confusion. This serves as a way to take some responsibility away from your team by leaving them with what they need to bring to the table.

If you want to contribute technical content, it’s essential to let your team know in advance. If you’re submitting content specifically on data or target marketing opportunities, be sure to specify so.


The sooner you send your meeting agenda to attendees, the better. Sending your meeting agendas a few days in advance gives your attendees enough time to get any questions they might have answered and provided ample opportunity to avoid minor back-and-forth discussions at the event on program day.

Your attendees may know precisely what they are getting into with an actionable agenda. This means you can cut your meeting times by up to 80%. The agenda details the schedule of the meeting, including why it is being held and where it will be taking place.

Set up expectations 

Bear Bull Co BBCTop 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Meetings DiscussionIf you struggle to get sales meetings on track and they tend to go long or into chaos, you may consider restructuring how you run them all together. This means: writing out a clear plan and setting appropriate expectations beforehand. If you want to be efficient, set these expectations with your team.

Number one, Block off time for team meetings. If a weekly meeting is essential for you, remember to schedule it for a duration long enough to make time for your meeting without causing your productivity or engagement to drop off. An essential expectation is to set aside time for a weekly meeting. Usually, meetings are 15 – 30 minutes because productivity and attention tend to drop off after the half-hour mark.

Number two, Limit the amount of time you spend in your meetings. Don’t over-schedule. You want to ensure everyone has their voices heard and avoid intimidating or burdening people with too many tasks. It will keep things moving and prevent people from getting overwhelmed. Schedule regular “breaks” at five-minute intervals, so you don’t get too involved in one topic and lose your audience’s interest.

Number three, If you feel you’re getting off topic with your sales team, try having an open, honest, honest conversation. Ask questions about how the conversation feels to them. Empathy fosters a culture where team members are comfortable providing feedback on their time.


Bear Bull Co BBCTop 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Meetings PresentationNumber four, With Google Meet conversations, different standards of etiquette apply. Prioritize and establish ground rules for the call with your team. This includes muting yourself, testing audio and video connections, and making calls with a phone if your wifi goes down. This should help prevent unnecessary anxiety associated with your conversations being cut off or anyone feeling bored during the call.

Number five, Run prep or research for upcoming meetings before the meeting. Using specific tools can help you make this process easy, so your team has a verbal check-in during each session to monitor activity on their activity feed.

You can frame expectations as a net positive for your team. You can also inform them that these expectations will get your team collaborating without wasting time in meetings, rather than constantly being interrupted by meetings.

Be punctual

First, Your company’s time is valuable. On-time arrival helps reps to regain lost prospects and move deals through the pipeline.

Second, your reps must respect your customers’ time. If they are late to meetings, you can be sure they will lose deals. By following a schedule at sales meetings, your team creates a culture of punctuality. That same punctuality becomes second nature in the field and convinces prospects and customers of the importance of on-time appearances with your team.

Make it more engaging

Bear Bull Co BBCTop 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Meetings Female PresentationIf you have questions or doubts about the quality of your meetings, consider this: only 36% of US workers are engaged at work. With so many employees complaining, the list goes on and on, contributing to one more thing that could be a turn-off for potential visitors to your website.

Help your sales team have more fun at get-togethers. How can you do that? Here are some things you can do:

In the first step, don’t overlook the importance of enthusiasm and positivity. If you treat your meetings as a chore, your team will pick up on your energy.

And this isn’t necessarily limited to stand-up comics and motivational speakers. The most common strategy for positively engaging your sales team is to offer some recognition. A good starting point is proposing a standing reward, like discounts or bonuses.


Did you know that 44% of employees seek a new job because they don’t feel recognized or appreciated? Simply highlighting their job well (by looking at their CRM data) or sending a quick shout-out can do wonders for your team’s engagement and motivation.

An excellent place to start is by going over your top performers for the previous week and checking out their weekly activities. The Sales leaderboard helps you identify your top performers in revenue, meetings, calls, and emails. It is also a competitive perk that can help boost morale among colleagues. As a team leads, it is much easier to acknowledge your team members for a job well done with one high-level dashboard.

You can spice up your meetings by

Bear Bull Co BBCTop 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Meetings Male Presentation 2Think about asking attendees questions in the room, encouraging them to live into the meeting. This is also great for lack of participation and can make your sessions feel inclusive rather than like they belong to one person in the room.

Two, Roleplaying is a method for stimulating your team’s creativity, making data more actionable, and having your team members participate. Roleplaying does the double duty of encouraging your creativity, making data more actionable, and fostering participation from attendees.

Three, If you anticipate a sales meeting with more than one person, allow your team to think individually and arrive as a group at the conclusion. Group discussions help keep the creative juices flowing.

Four, Giving your team a chance to have fun in the meeting increases engagement and motivation with remote sessions. By using a llama, dance party, or other reward, team members will be more likely to participate and engage in productive conversations, which will help them accomplish more in less time.


Five, Switch up your location or agenda to get your team excited about meetings again. Whether it’s a lunch meeting or an activity offsite, changing the location of your meetings to a different place can energize your team.

Your sales meetings must keep people engaged and change the format of your meeting. Exciting activities during these meetings let participants expect an interactive meeting each week.

Even though it can be a challenging career path, and you may not have the opportunity to collaborate with your coworkers as often, it’s crucial that you should still incorporate an interactive element. Task exercises or team learning activities are essential for keeping your team focused. Besides, if your meetings only discuss sales strategy with no other interactive feature, you could just as quickly discuss this in a long email.

Give acknowledgment and motivate through praises

Bear Bull Co BBCTop 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Meetings Male PresentationMinimal effort motivates all salespeople, and performance appraisal software must be utilized to appreciate these efforts. This is why it’s crucial for sales management staff to identify each team member’s work ethic and strengths. In addition to this, managers should also look for ways in which they can positively reinforce the reps on their team. The easiest thing to do is to thank your reps after every productive day.

To help you leverage the power of your sales team, create a process that incorporates gamification. Gamification increases motivation, improves collaboration, and helps to build a cohesive sales team.

Ego-driven people like to receive praise and recognition. Top sales reps will participate in a team meeting by calling attention to individuals who have achieved success by sharing their latest accomplishments or been the best performer during an activity in the past meeting.

Recognizing your employees can help them stay motivated. Making time to celebrate when key targets are met, or people are performing well is a positive action that can be taken, along with the evolution of a good culture and satisfied workers.

Include Personal growth training/ activity

It’s vital to ensure that your sales representatives learn something new each week. Find time for different activities that support their professional growth. Examples could be a group learning activity, a guest speaker, or sharing your blog with an industry thought leader and asking them to comment on it during the meeting.

Spend time together to help them improve their selling skills, such as being a guest speaker or doing the activity.

Only talk about the items that apply to everyone

Bear Bull Co BBCTop 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Meetings MeetingThis is essential to keeping everyone focused during a meeting. Never let your conversation get derailed by one or two individual members of the group, and never reprimand anyone in an open forum. Instead, gather feedback privately after the meeting and avoid letting that effort damage morale.

This prevents the meeting from being derailed by topics that only apply to a few people. Don’t reprimand anyone before others in the room, especially while presenting their idea. Additionally, focus on keeping morale high and clearly demonstrate your instructions so everyone can follow them simultaneously.

Create clear outcome and action steps

One of the critical keys to a productive meeting is the buy-in from your reps. This can be achieved by clearly articulating the outcome of the sales meeting and communicating how it will increase team or individual performance. The ability of reps to relate their actions in discussions with the course of potential business outcomes will have them more likely to make active contributions to meetings.

Bear Bull Co BBCTop 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Meetings Presentation 2It is time wasted if you take all 30 minutes of a meeting and do not produce any product. All sales meetings must have resulted in action after 30 minutes, whether writing a letter, drafting an email, or joining one of the many social media platforms.

Instead of forcing team members to guess what they should do next, be sure they all walk away with a plan. One example is if they need to achieve specific sales targets or put together a report for next week’s meeting.

Please make an effort to do your meetings as effectively and efficiently as possible by taking notes, confirming their reviews after the meeting, and creating a simple recap. This overview can send reminders to attendees or reference the meeting in your next agenda.


With few tangible action items to follow up on, it’s hard to generate much improvement in sales meetings. If your meetings revolve around sharing information, try closing with a call to action, such as what happens next or desired actions.

Action steps might include near-term training and coaching reviews when discussing a topic in meetings. For software adoption or technological tools, for example, a meeting may address offering training on the subject and being accountable for participation.

Wrap- Up

Meeting efficiency is essential to the success of the company. Given consistent data and plans, your team can see how meetings contribute to the company’s overall picture and make sure they’re efficient.

It’s essential to end a meeting with all the items on the agenda ready to be addressed and closed. Afterward, ensure that you send out a meeting summary so there is no room for anything to go unresolved. Send out email updates of any next steps that need attention.

The magic number for a sales meeting is 75 minutes, with rare exceptions. A weekly or bi-weekly sales meeting should not be longer than this period due to unnecessary additions or speaking time.

The meeting structure, topics, themes, and ideas will depend on how many team members are and the nature of your business model. However, the tips are generally applicable to any scenario. Adapt them if they do not fit your needs. Engage your team by giving them actual value from each meeting.

That’s it for this blog, BBC Member. Remember to subscribe to our channel, and if you feel like we’ve delivered value, please share this blog with ONE person. That’s right, just one person as a token of your appreciation for the hard work we put into making content that educates and helps you on your mission of building your fortune. Remember, you can read blog after blog, but it isn’t until you take action that you’ll start to see results. See you soon!

Real Estate Heaven REH What is the Difference Between a Salesperson and Sales Expert

What is the Difference Between a Salesperson and Sales Expert

Real Estate Heaven REH What is the Difference Between a Salesperson and Sales Expert

Marketing is a fundamental component of a company’s success. Apart from providing profit and increasing revenue, there are also many other tasks that sales personnel can work on to make a difference in the company. Some of these functions include building bonds between the company and consumers by increasing trust and loyalty among consumers.

Despite their limitations, automated systems will have an impact on this profession. Present methods of selling will be irrevocably changed by automation. If you’re in sales and are good at what you do, technological support may be the best sales tool since the telephone. So if you want to know more about a salesperson and a sales expert, then this blog is for you.

Luckily for you, BBC Member, we have produced a list of differences between a salesperson and a sales expert. Remember, that while the first step is completing any of these amazing courses, the second and possibly more important step is taking action even if it’s imperfect action. 


Bear Bull Co BBC What is the Difference Between a Salesperson and Sales Expert Confidence“Consultative selling” has transformed the way sales work. It’s been accepted for almost 3 decades and used in many different sectors. Once, sales people were encouraged to be product experts, able to answer any detailed question about their goods or cheerfully demonstrate all of the advantages over competitors. Prior to the change that created the consultative sales process, customers were given presentations and then shown their products.

The goal was, typically, to show off their product. Now, during a meeting, a sales person enters as a consultant and asks questions while being attentive and service orientated. They make changes based on what the customer says they want in a solution.

Sales experts and salespeople are not the same, yet they are very similar in a way. A salesperson is a person who travels to different places and brings the company’s product to the potential customer. He offers his own solutions and is an intermediary. Sales experts offer advice and don’t sell anything about their own expertise to others as a salesperson does.


Bear Bull Co BBC What is the Difference Between a Salesperson and Sales Expert FemaleSalespeople should have good communication skills and know computers, so they’re more effective. Sales experts are people with knowledge of both computers and the human aspect that enables them to give great customer service. They work harder because they care about customers’ needs, while salespeople are only concerned with making money.

A salesperson’s main goal is to sell the product. His first approach will be to pique the person’s interest in the product he is selling. A sales expert, on the other hand, has a broader scope of work beyond just selling such as talking with clients, solving problems, and coming up with solutions to different situations.


Bear Bull Co BBC What is the Difference Between a Salesperson and Sales Expert Deal ClosedIf you need someone to promote your company’s product and help increase the profits of the company, then you should hire a salesperson. If you need someone to solve all the problems in your company and manage all of your customers and clients, a sales expert is the one you should go for. Sales experts are good at communication skills as well as applying their understanding of technology with computer science to maximize the production of your sales efforts. If you don’t hire the right person for this job, it can be complicated.

Though the automation will never entirely overtake the effectiveness and capabilities of human beings. Automation has a profound effect on the state of sales. If you are in sales, and you are good at what you do, then technological assistance may be your best sales tool since the telephone. A sales expert is someone who knows the trends, their clients, and their potential solutions inside and out.

They work with a client as a partner or subject matter coach to find any solution one might need. They would never pressure you into purchasing a certain item but instead search for the answer that would best suit your needs. Sales experts will view innovation as an opportunity to improve their efforts, rather than as an obstacle in their way. A sales expert understands the significance of human-to-human interaction, so they may utilize technology to increase their contact time with prospective clients and find new leads.


Bear Bull Co BBC What is the Difference Between a Salesperson and Sales Expert Male 2They use data to identify potential sales opportunities. Asking questions can help when talking to potential clients. Experts ask the following: “What do you do?”, “What do you need?”, and “How might we discover ways to improve, together?” This is not an opportunity for sales people to try to make a sale or exchange for their services. It’s a chance for them to become more of a professional and meet the needs of clients.

Studies have shown that there are a variety of qualities that make a good salesperson, but the most important is being an expert in your field. Many professionals have dealt with buyers who require an expert salesman; these people respond differently to traditional salespeople. Buyers want a salesperson who is able to offer expertise in the prospect’s business.


Bear Bull Co BBC What is the Difference Between a Salesperson and Sales Expert DealsThey want to be learning and guided so they can increase their market knowledge. Studies reveal that many buyers are inexperienced, which encourages this demand for more knowledgeable salespersons. So if you want to know what kind of salesperson are you, here are a few important differences to understand. 

The expert should be knowledgeable about the buyer’s industry, marketplace, and competitive position before entering a conversation. Based on that background, they should be specific in knowing what the top business pressures are. Instead of asking the old approach like, “What is your pain?” or “What are the big issues you are facing right now?”, use this approach: “Organizations in your industry with whom we work to face these top three business pressures …”

An expert can compare an individual to others within their field and show them what they need to do to succeed. ‘Instead of asking “Where do you want to be?”, the expert will ask ‘”Here is where you are in comparison to others, and here is where they are going.”


Sales calls give potential buyers a chance of becoming customers. They also have the potential to provide stand-alone value, regardless of a sale occurring. Calls can be an incentive for buyers to take them in the first place.

Completing the empty pad of paper days, today’s clients want you to come prepared to their meetings. Presenting solutions to their problems and not just asking them questions helps seal the deal. Furthermore, starting with topics that are important to your client makes you more reputable in their eyes.


Bear Bull Co BBC What is the Difference Between a Salesperson and Sales Expert DiscussionHere is the question; who is going to continue the advancement of technology in your sales force? If you are not sure, most managers will know who their experts are because they will show themselves soon. It’s important to look for someone in your team who is at the forefront of new technology. They should be leading any efforts you want to pursue, or even sourcing new technologies on their own.

Look for the salesperson who is proactively pursuing technological innovation. It will help make your sales efforts more successful as time progresses into the never-ending revolution of technology. Sales Expert and Salesperson both have to do with the sales field, but the expertise required for each role is completely different.

As a startup, you may not know what the best candidates for your company look like. However, while you may lack experience with recruiting, human resource managers know what’s best for their company. They will tell you the difference between what a salesperson and a sales expert can do for your company.

That’s it for this blog BBC Member, remember to subscribe to our channel and if you feel like we’ve delivered value please share this blog with ONE person. That’s right just one person as a token of your appreciation for the hard work we put into making content that educates and helps you on your mission of building your own fortune.  Remember you can read blog after blog, but it isn’t until you actually take action that you’ll start to see results.  See you soon!

Bear Bull Co BBC What You Should Do IMMEDIATELY After Losing An Important Client

What You Should Do IMMEDIATELY After Losing An Important Client

Bear Bull Co BBC What You Should Do IMMEDIATELY After Losing An Important Client

Entrepreneurs always have the chance of losing a client and are seldom prepared. This can be unsettling and frustrating but don’t worry, this happens frequently. And when a client decides to change vendors, it is usually because of outside factors, not because of the vendor’s performance. This decision hurts the company economically and emotionally. So if you want to know how you can get up from losing a major client, then this is for you. 

Luckily for you, BBC Member, we have produced a list of the things that you should do immediately after losing an important client that you can do right now. Remember, that while the first step is completing any of these amazing courses, the second and possibly more important step is taking action even if it’s imperfect action. So without further adieu, let’s get into the video. 


Bear Bull Co BBC What You Should Do IMMEDIATELY After Losing An Important Client Meeting 2Many small business owners know the feeling of being heavily reliant on one client. Usually, entrepreneurial efforts to diversify are unsuccessful, and when a single customer decides to break off, it can be difficult for a business to recover. And if a major customer leaves it could affect your business in a significant way.

However, this isn’t the end of your venture; there are steps that you can take to start up again quickly. Aside from that, there are opportunities for you to survive and even thrive afterward. You need to carefully consider how the customers are leaving and then take the measures accordingly. So here are the tried and tested strategies for handling a departing client. 

The first step in mitigating the risk of a client leaving is to find out what went wrong. This step can protect you against clients who are on shaky ground, or worse, going down the wrong path because they aren’t sure what’s worked for you in the past. Next, find out how they might become a great referral source despite their departure, and make sure it isn’t at the expense of providing quality customer service to them as they leave. Reflect on what you learned from your work with clients. This will help you create new strategies so that you can keep future, and current, clients. 


Be transparent. You have to give your business partners and employees a heads up that you are going to be at an event. This will let them know they might not hear from you first thing in the morning or when they contact you by email. Send out notifications with useful tips on how they can find new clients in the event of a disaster. Stress that they should not worry and that they still have their jobs, that their work is important but open to new strategies and technology.

Don’t forget to say thank you to the client, and actually mean it. Remember to thank your customers for all their support. Even though they won’t be needing your services in the future, they had good things to say about you and deserve your thanks. If you cut off a consulting relationship with someone in an unpleasant way, it can cause problems that can affect their business for a long time. The most effective way to end a business relationship is to do so in a classy manner.


Bear Bull Co BBC What You Should Do IMMEDIATELY After Losing An Important Client MeetingNext is to keep your door open to their future business. If a customer decides to go with a competitor, let them know that they are always welcome to return. You may want them to know that if the circumstances change in the future you will happily take them back. It’s important to be gracious and grateful to your clients. This leaves them feeling like they’re not at fault and that they may come back in the future if there’s a problem.

You can also ask for permission to check in with them. It is recommended that when you lose a client you should reach out to them at the 30 day mark, and then again at the 90 day mark. Sometimes people hesitate to come back because they feel embarrassed. Even though they want to come back, they feel embarrassed. If a problem happens in the first 30 days, you might get them back.

But if that doesn’t happen, then just let them stick around for 3 and a half months, because that was when they got over their transitional phase. Although your customer does not have to disclose their reasons for canceling the contract, most customers are likely to let you know the underlying reason for this decision.  Gathering information from clients can help you in the future.


The client might have decided that it was ending their relationship with your company because they didn’t feel like you were communicating with them or the products or services you delivered weren’t what they expected. Sometimes, this decision is outside of the customer’s control. The company might be going through a rough patch financially and no longer be able to afford your services. The customer might be closing up shop itself and no longer needs your company’s services or products.

Following up with a potential customer after they’ve chosen to cancel the contract allows you to keep the door open for future contact. For example, if you find out that the customer can’t work with you anymore because of financial difficulties, you might be able to work together in the future when it is back on its feet. Additionally, understanding what upset the client helps you to avoid making those same mistakes again with current or future clients.


Bear Bull Co BBC What You Should Do IMMEDIATELY After Losing An Important Client Sales 2Word of mouth marketing is essential for any company looking to expand its business. When your current clients are happy with your services, you should ask them to refer potential clients by becoming part of a referral program. Studies have shown that people referred by their friends can be more loyal customers, generate higher lifetime value, and make more frequent purchases.

Be courteous and strategic when you ask for personal referrals. The best time to probably ask would be when your customer is pleased with the service you have delivered to them or feels like they are receiving value. Sometimes a person becomes more supportive of their referral after they have been persuaded that your company can provide value despite not being able to do so in the past.

Have a script prepared when meeting new prospects for your business. For example, you shouldn’t just say “can you sign up for the service now?” but should say something like “this way, you won’t have to worry about time spent on finding deals or discounts.” You’ll want to think of what type of sales process your company has and what referral scripts would work best for that process. Make sure you consider your options ahead of time and plan to give referrals.


While the customer you lost may have been a significant portion of your company’s revenues, hopefully, they weren’t your only client. Take some time to ask your remaining clients if there is anything your company is doing poorly or satisfactorily. You can also just take a general temperature with your existing clients. One client leaving your business can be a huge blow to your profit. You don’t want several to leave either, and even if they do, it should not happen all at once or one right after the other.

Uncovering new prospects to up your game should the current big client deal fall through. Successful big clients need three things – commitment, urgency, and incentives. You will recreate success by going back to your network of prospects and potential sales leads; meeting their needs and incentivizing any cold prospects with discounts, special offers, or trial periods.


Bear Bull Co BBC What You Should Do IMMEDIATELY After Losing An Important Client Sales Man 2One way to recover from a lost client is by considering a more focused lead ranking system and the process of nurturing them. Perhaps the new focus should be figuring out which clients are ready to buy or might need more time to research, question their questions, and build trust. One way to move leads forward is by re-evaluating your current business relationships.

Check in with prospects who you haven’t heard from in a while, try to schedule new rounds of calls and product demos, and delve down into the prospect’s concerns.

One of the best strategies is to figure out how much time you and your team have spent serving a lost customer and dedicate that time to bringing in three new clients. Turning what could be perceived as a negative into something positive keeps your focus on the future and all the great work you will accomplish. In some cases, you have landed a new business that is even more profitable than what you had before.

Focusing on growing and not just appealing to a lost client can help reinvigorate your company. Bonus: You won’t be wasting energy lamenting your loss. Because being dumped by one client can be a reminder that companies need to work hard to maintain steady growth. Large clients often put significant demand on a business’s time and resources, which is why you should always be looking for new ways to grow your company. You need to consistently make the time and energy to develop marketing tactics and reach a new customer base. In order for your business to continue, you need to focus on getting new customers.


Sometimes we lose clients because we didn’t serve them well enough, but this can be avoided. It’s good to figure out where we failed and make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future. Like most companies, you’re considering how to get better and serve your client base. Consider taking a good, hard look at what you can do to retain and service your current customers better. With the right changes, you may be able to come out stronger, with the same professionalism while making more money in the process.

It is helpful to have an emergency plan in place, just in case your company suffers a set back after losing a big customer. Even if you throw your all into keeping remaining clients happy and finding new customers, it can still take several months for a business to recover financially from the loss of a major source of income. You can take a salary cut yourself, and temporarily lay off employees. Or alternatively, you may want to keep all of your staff on payroll while cutting costs and spending until your company has bounced back.


Bear Bull Co BBC What You Should Do IMMEDIATELY After Losing An Important Client Sales Man 3While you’re trying to generate more leads, it’s helpful to eliminate inefficiencies in your current pipeline. You might have fallen into the trap of only pursuing one type of lead generation, like successful practices inbound marketing strategies. But when you lose a big client, it’s time to broaden your lead generation strategies. Just like you wouldn’t want to bet all of your savings on one stock, you shouldn’t spend all of your budget and efforts on just one type of lead generation.

The key to a diversified portfolio is including both inbound and outbound marketing. Try increasing email marketing, advertising through social media, and reaching out to clients through phone calls. Simple tactics like picking up the phone and calling your customers can also do wonders. It is not always wise to move conversations from email (or other social media platforms) to phone calls.

For business-to-business outreach, you are better off having a conversation with a person on the other end of the line. There are nuances and objections that you can cover in person that you won’t be able to identify in email correspondence.


Bear Bull Co BBC What You Should Do IMMEDIATELY After Losing An Important Client Sales Woman 2Do not be afraid of business development. Always be looking ahead in your company, with no growth coming from the comfort zone that you’re in. Even if your company is financially stable and doing well, for now, a plan for future crises needs to be put in place.

Business relationships come to an end, so continue on developing new business opportunities. Make it a weekly practice to focus on new developments; at any size or stability a company may have, everything comes to an end – even though it’s simple advice, it has stuck with me since I first heard it.

This last step does not have anything to do with fixing what you’ve already lost. It has more to do with your mindset, which is more important to your success than your bottom line. Our customers put their faith in us with all of their trust; we should remember to be grateful for the opportunity to have helped them. If you focus on the positives and look forward to having even more, it can actually be healthier than resenting a customer who is leaving.

No matter how good a relationship you have with someone, it won’t last forever. A company’s growth and evolution are similar to the personal relationships of its employees. One way to maintain your quality is to strive for excellence in every service you provide in order to acquire new customers.

Bear Bull Co BBC What You Should Do IMMEDIATELY After Losing An Important Client Sales WomanWhen you are faced with trials, think back to the time when you overcame something worse. You can also use a crisis as a great opportunity to grow your business and move on to better opportunities. If you lose a client, it may be tough and sad, but the best way to handle this is to be optimistic. You should focus on your business and not let any emotional response get in your way. This time is the perfect time to get creative and have a positive outlook. Keep going forward and do your best in this situation so that you can deliver excellent outcomes for your current clients and for the future.

That’s it for this video BBC Member, remember to subscribe to our channel and if you feel like we’ve delivered value please share this video with ONE person. That’s right just one person as a token of your appreciation for the hard work we put into making content that educates and helps you on your mission of building your own fortune.  Remember you can watch video after video, but it isn’t until you actually take action that you’ll start to see results.  See you soon!

Bear Bull Co BBC How Do You Build And Manage A Remote Sales Team Meeting Cover

How Do You Build And Manage A Remote Sales Team

Bear Bull Co BBC How Do You Build And Manage A Remote Sales Team Meeting Cover


You could have the best of both worlds. Remote work can be rewarding, but it is no walk in the park. The changes may be too much for your team to handle if they are not used to adjusting to change.

While many employees enjoy this new remote option, it’s also a huge change that presents challenges that your team may not have faced before. Throw in a global pandemic, and suddenly, working from home becomes an option without any time to prepare, which can lead to more of a burden than a blessing.

Luckily for you, BBC Member, we’ve produced a list of the best ways to build and manage a remote sales team. Remember, the first step is completing any of these amazing blogs. Second, take action, even if it’s imperfect action.


Bear Bull Co BBC How Do You Build And Manage A Remote Sales Team CallAs a manager, it’s important to model the behavior you want your team to follow. Working in a highly unstable and uncertain period is no different. In order to smooth out the transition for your remote workers or optimize the experience for your team members who have been in remote work at one point, you need to understand the hurdles that come with it.

Here are some tips that sales leaders suggest for setting up a successful virtual sales team. For example, depending on how you typically work, you may need to adjust your management approach and incentivize your employees differently in order to get the most out of your sales force. But first, what is a virtual sales team?

A virtual sales team consists of salespeople who work entirely remotely. There is no common office space for this team; every sales rep works on their chosen location. Some of sales reps may be living in California, while others are based in Massachusetts.


With virtual teams, there are no hybrid options — it’s a digital model in which each member has the option to be remote or in-person, depending on their needs. Unlike hybrid models, virtual sales teams cannot afford to be present in office spaces.

With virtual teams, there are no hybrid options — it’s a digital model in which each member has the option to be remote or in-person, depending on their needs. Unlike hybrid models, virtual sales teams cannot afford to be present in office spaces.


Bear Bull Co BBC How Do You Build And Manage A Remote Sales Team Conference 2Salesforce found that there is a 46% chance that salespeople are going to be selling over Twitter, video chat, and remote access to customer data within the next year.

Many companies specifically focus on large benefits, including the convenience of being able to find a specific talent anywhere and the cost-effectiveness of not having to pay office rent. Additionally, many employees prefer working remotely versus traditional office-based work.

However, with the implementation of virtual sales teams, future technology brings many challenges that are unique to their department.

Challenges of Virtual Sales Team

Even for traditional managers with a physical workforce, there can be some uncertainty about how to manage employees in a virtual setting. Some challenges managers face when working remotely include:

  1. We should know when we need to turn off: Feeling pressured to always be available or feeling like we must always work.
  2. Employee retention from a distance: How to keep team members engaged and productive.
  3. Collaboration is a challenge when all parties are not present in person and cannot easily meet, like at conferences.
  4. Communication. With proper communications, workplace productivity improves, and morale improves. Communication is a tool that helps mitigate productivity losses due to human error due to miscommunication.

In a large team of remote employees, it is up to the manager to set the tone. This means providing them with all the necessary tools, such as access to training and holding employees accountable for their participation in important communications. It is also important that the manager proactively sets expectations for team members from day one.

Unlike a less frequent communication cycle and honest check-ins, you won’t be able to motivate, monitor, and troubleshoot with your salespeople. It’s better to over-communicate so that people feel shared and connected within your company.


Bear Bull Co BBC How Do You Build And Manage A Remote Sales Team ConferenceWhen your team is geographically uncooperative, it can be a headache to schedule a meeting. Sales reps might work from home (as long as they have a good internet connection), but you may also need to account for different time zones and the busy schedules of your team members.

Morning and afternoon calls for workers are traditionally 9 to 5 since this is a general time slot. It’s easy said, but trying to set meetings at different times can be difficult. You may need to consider rotating days or plans for team meetings with only the day indicated in order to accommodate different team members in different parts of the world.


As for team members, bonding is an important part of company culture. When employees are unable to spend time together or share in conversation at the office water cooler, a sense of comradery can often manifest while also sparking friendly competition and motivating individuals.

One in five remote employees struggles with feelings of isolation and loss of culture. In fact, in less than two months, one-fifth had a decrease in communication with coworkers that went often mistaken for loathing (19%) and disconnected from colleagues at the end of the day (22%).

Most remote sales teams only include a few people, and one of them is likely to experience negative feelings from their work. Building an open, positive culture can help mitigate these feelings.


Another challenge is the ability to create a similar sales floor culture in a virtual setting. Mark Birch, Principal Startup Advocate for AWS, told me that this is one of the biggest challenges digital sales leaders face.

“The transfer to remote was a serious in mental modes for sales leadership when it comes to reps learning from one another. Many sales leaders feel that the in-person experience is the best way for reps to learn because being in the existence of other reps creates a sense of competitive dynamics.”


Bear Bull Co BBC How Do You Build And Manage A Remote Sales Team Female AgentWith the Internet offering new opportunities, a large 26% of people don’t believe sellers have the skills necessary to effectively discover needs and explore ROI on a website. This shows that for prospects, it is important to know if an online marketing expert has experience in virtual selling.

It’s important to provide training materials so that your virtual team can have the best process. With a virtual landscape, the selling process changes. In order to prepare your virtual team, provide training materials they will not find elsewhere.

To demonstrate best practices around building, managing, and supporting a virtual sales team, we interviewed HubSpot’s sales managers, and here’s what they had to say,

Establish Open Communications Channels

Communication is a two-way street. It’s important that every employee of your company knows how to contact you in case they have any questions or concerns. Let them know by replying promptly during work hours, so sales reps know they’re able to rely on you for guidance.

Though companies shouldn’t always make their employees available, their entire team must know how to get in contact with their manager or each other. Appropriate channels exist for every situation, and members of the company should know how to reach out.

Open communication also requires maintaining an open discussion. You can assess specific issues via email or use anonymity for survey sources like Typeform.


Bear Bull Co BBC How Do You Build And Manage A Remote Sales Team Meeting 2According to HubSpot, 43% of remote workers feel they have a harder time participating in meetings, and 39% feel their companies could have enhanced the shift to remote work by providing better tools and platforms for communication and collaboration with remote workers.

When communicating with a remote team, always over-communicate and let the other team members know you haven’t forgotten about them. Say for instance if they send a message but you don’t have time to get to it now, let them know that you saw their message and will process it when you complete your current task. If something comes up and made you to stop working on the project, like using a chat app like Slack, set your status so others know that they cannot expect an immediate response.


With clear norms created for communication, you can effectively communicate with your sales staff. You should also make transparency a must-have in your virtual team’s culture to be successful.

As the Director of Digital Marketing of FullFunnel, Fabiana Vilsan told us how they’ve taken over more leadership of their sales teams. They have shown that clear lines of communication are more conducive to discussing both opportunities and potential challenges than a one-dimensional approach. They also know what factors you can coach with feedback in order to elevate growth.

Set SMART Goals

Bear Bull Co BBC How Do You Build And Manage A Remote Sales Team MeetingMake sure your team knows what their metrics are and that the goals they are striving for align with your organization’s strategic goals. In order to get clarity on these metrics, team members should be asking questions and discussing important core issues in meetings.

Communication is vital when working remotely. Be specific and thorough in your communication with clear milestones, deadlines, and expectations. Use realistic goals, quotas, and KPIs to keep employees motivated while they work independently. As your team expands, job titles will change as well as different types of sales-related tasks like call recordings and contact management.

There are times when data and reporting are not enough. You need to rely on conversations with your representatives to understand how they’re progressing towards the goals you set for them. It’s important that they trust that you just want what’s best for them and know in their hearts that you will never be disappointed in them, no matter how bad the numbers might look!

Fine-tune your onboarding process

Training your teams is one of the best things you can do for company productivity. Ensure you set everyone up for success with an onboarding process. Swift Companies train their employees with detailed onboarding programs that help them feel supported and succeed in their first weeks and months with the company.

You’ll want to start off by ensuring that every new hire has all of the necessary documentation about their team assignments and that everyone understands what they have to do in their position. Once you’ve been able to teach your team all of the required skills, then you can proceed with the rest of your company processes.

Including visual and auditory content in your onboarding can help your team to understand the benefits of your new product or service. Make sure all the resources are on a single platform like Highspot or include an online course to teach your sales reps about how you can increase revenue.


Bear Bull Co BBC How Do You Build And Manage A Remote Sales Team ParticipationIf your team is expected to make calls, you can use a Dialpad to choose completed calls and make a playlist to exhibit successful calls. These playlists are awesome way to do virtual training and can be created around certain themes. They also boost the confidence of new team members who stay involved in all stages.

You can make your onboarding more effective with Dialpad. You can create Real-time Assist cards that teach your reps at scale. When your sales rep finds challenging topics from prospects, RTA cards can provide them with the information to answer customer inquiries. This helps quell doubts and makes new (and even experienced) remote employees more comfortable in their roles.

A mentorship program is an effective tool that can accelerate onboarding, so you get higher returns on your investment. We suggest pairing experienced employees with new hires as mentors because they have the experience and know-how to help build their skills. When allocating mentor roles, we like to give each of our remote workers a buddy who will work with them during their first month.

Optimize Your CRM and other resources for a smoother sales process

Bear Bull Co BBC How Do You Build And Manage A Remote Sales Team Working 2The reason for the data being scrambled is that the person creating the pictures with Adobe Photoshop is using a different tool from the person using Affinity. If you were to picture this, you might realize how bad communication and collaboration could be if different people were managing tasks with different tools.

Now imagine if they wanted to encourage one another and share advice. They would not be able to as different tools are being used. Silos can arise in your company, so you should align your CRM software with other systems your company uses

One example of this is integrating Dialpad with Salesforce to access native calling features, get automated call notes, and log in your calls without extra work.

Creating and using quality software for your salespeople is crucial for salespeople. If everyone offers their peers the use of the same tools, everyone can produce high-quality work and become a top producer.

Without a company-wide CRM, coordinating your sales team would be difficult. If they didn’t have one, it would impede their ability to meet their sales goals.

It is worth the effort to align your sales tools. It is not easy to implement changes in an organization, but if you really want to grow your growth, then every team member needs access to recent data and updates from other teams.

Ask Feedback from your Team

A simple employee engagement form can make a big change. Through this you learn your strengths and weaknesses. It’s a good idea to send out surveys for your team every quarter so that everyone can submit their responses. Once it’s all assembled, go over the responses and use them to help improve your company.

Here are some questions you could ask:

  1. How pleased are you in your current position?
  2. How can we make things easier for you?
  3. Are there any hindrances that stop you from achieving work?
  4. Do you have any tool in mind we should take look at?
  5. How can we optimize your experience with our company?


Bear Bull Co BBC How Do You Build And Manage A Remote Sales Team WorkingThese questions will highlight issues your audience is having. For example, if some people mention that they are having problem with your current CRM, and a part of participants recommend the same tool, you may want to take a look at what they recommend.

When you ask questions about general satisfaction, this can help you learn how to change your management strategies when needed. Like for example, a few of your salespeople mentioned they need more training for their calls. You may pull them aside to have a small meeting so they can get all the help they need.

Team members helping others grow their business with more sales and ways to build rapport is the key to success. With today’s pointers, you’ll generate specific results and be better prepared for future endeavors.

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Bear Bull Co BBC How and Why It's So Worth It To Build a Diverse Sales Team

How and Why It’s So Worth It To Build a Diverse Sales Team

Bear Bull Co BBC How and Why It's So Worth It To Build a Diverse Sales Team

Hello everyone! Welcome to the BBC Youtube channel. Want to know what Andre Walker’s most valuable management lesson was 25 years ago? At the time, Walker spearheaded the customer service for a publishing company named Standard Rate and Data Service. He was still working on his first managing role, and he had been proud of the team he had put together. While he hired great employees, his mentor posed a question that has stuck with him for the rest of his life. If you want more of this content, subscribe to the BBC Youtube channel and hit the notification bell.


Bear Bull Co BBC How and Why It's So Worth It To Build a Diverse Sales Team 1Walker surveyed the floor and said that he saw people who were energetic and dedicated go-getters. He reminisced, “She said, ‘Let’s walk around again and describe the people.’” The idea of African-American people shocked him. He had employed two African-American men and two African-American women in their 20s. Someone just like him, who reminded him of the people he might see at a wedding or a school reunion.

Walker added that the diversity problem with sales teams is important to illustrate our tendency to hire people who look like us. Walker’s team, who is white, is an example of this. As of now, Walker is the director of sales enablement at the tech recruitment firm RK Management Consultants in Austin, with a team that includes an older white Texan woman; a Latina woman followed by a white Millennial man.

It wasn’t until his previous experience that Walker realized how easy it is for a sales team to end up looking like their manager. That’s why Walker is constantly walking into meetings where almost everyone at the table is a middle-aged white man, in their 50s, or 60s. Also contributing to the lack of diversity on tech sales teams today is their history: sales tend to be dominated by white, cis men.


Bear Bull Co BBC How and Why It's So Worth It To Build a Diverse Sales Team Meeting 2While more women are in tech than in any other industry specialization, the field remains predominantly white– 79% of salespeople are white according to the 2019 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Report. As we covered in our recent story on Built-In, lack of diversity creates challenges for people from underrepresented backgrounds and a cycle where people of that background often struggle to find professional mentors who can guide them.

The good news is that more companies now recognize the need for diversity and there are numerous specific steps sales leaders at all levels can take to create more diverse and inclusive teams. Conduct a diversity and inclusion assessment of your organization. This will help identify areas for improvement along with the next steps. Build connections in your community by getting to know people beyond those you have previously met. This will expand the pool of potential candidates and help build connections.


Bear Bull Co BBC How and Why It's So Worth It To Build a Diverse Sales Team 2Creating an environment where people feel safe to speak their minds is important, especially because this fosters a team that can work together more efficiently. Microaggression training and employee resource groups help create a collaborative and cohesive work environment. Start with a career in sales, to learn how to manage a team and be prepared for promotion. The success of the role may not accurately translate into other roles. Beat employees with the same performance, compare your evaluation process to industry standards and make sure everyone is evaluated fairly.

Paria Rajai, the founder of ModelExpand and a diversity consultant, hears two common myths from managers across all teams about diversity and inclusion. The first myth is reported that there is a pipeline for people to get hired across all kinds of organizations. The second myth is that meritocracy is the main factor for people being hired. The former alleges that there are no sufficient candidates from diverse backgrounds, while the latter affirms that diverse candidates aren’t qualified for the roles. Neither theory holds water.

If a company wants to increase diversity and inclusiveness, the first step is to do an internal survey about the demographics of the team and its hiring funnel. The survey should identify biases in the process that may be preventing diverse candidates from leveraging. Considering this data, you can say “We have an issue with X, Y, and Z.” And that will help you define what diversity is, which will help you set goals for the company.


Historically, a company might create opportunities and choose which demographic it wants to serve. If a company isn’t diverse or doesn’t create opportunities for certain groups, they might identify this by looking at their culture survey. It can help determine where the company may be favoring certain groups and how to fix the aforementioned issues.

To create effective and achievable goals, be sure to set deadlines, set specific, actionable targets, and detail how to achieve them. When a certain company expands its recruitment network to include diverse areas, it doesn’t take long for them to realize there was no pipeline issue. The hiring process can be worked on so that companies can recognize the flaw in the meritocracy myth. Rajai also mentioned that a recent study from MIT revealed that companies that use merit-based systems are more likely to discriminate than non-merit-based companies because their leaders often don’t take the time to understand how their decisions might be affected by bias.


Bear Bull Co BBC How and Why It's So Worth It To Build a Diverse Sales Team 3While leadership at the company can prioritize diversity and inclusion efforts, it is not fully up to the managers that make recruitment decisions. This is why they need to team with the recruiter and contribute to the goal of fostering diversity and inclusion. The realization that mattered to Shelton Banks led to his work at rework training, a nonprofit dedicated to diversifying tech. Banks’ curriculum involves giving candidates in Chicago’s underrepresented communities the tools they need to succeed in sales. “If you want to be diverse and inclusive, you have to step outside of your box.”

Sales are all about relationships, which is why Banks have managers from companies that hire salespeople to come into their training program and help the candidates themselves. They also take it one step further: rather than just train candidates for sales jobs, banks use these managers to coach them personally during their training as well so they can be successful faster. Hiring managers remove hiring bias by teaching relevant skills based on your current needs, giving you an invaluable network in their industry. 

According to Banks, regarding volunteering, there will be candidates who exclaim that a candidate is pretty cool. Now they know this person as an individual and they look at them through a different lens. There is less biased thinking of like, ‘I don’t think this person has potential.’” Try reaching out to other organizations in your field of interest. The Chicago Urban League, Women in Tech, and the LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce are just a few examples.


Bear Bull Co BBC How and Why It's So Worth It To Build a Diverse Sales Team MeetingFor Walker, building a varied hiring pipeline is all about taking time to learn about different cultures and becoming curious about their values. Walker said, “Some organizations have wonderful sales programs, but do you understand the person you’re working with?” Hiring managers can find great resources that were previously unseen in the workforce. With sales being such a competitive field, expanding your resource pool is important for increasing the odds of finding the best talent. 

When it comes to culture, sales teams are often one of the most close-knit types of groups within a company. This is due to team outings or events such as baseball games, wine-and-cheese celebrations, and cold-calling competitions. Those activities can give you the bonds that you need to survive in a high-stress environment, where it’s a race to meet quota month after month. However, these bonds and the isolating climate they can create may also lead to microaggressions. If you’re not thinking about your inclusive culture as you interview candidates and assess them, people will quit.


Bear Bull Co BBC How and Why It's So Worth It To Build a Diverse Sales Team 5The only way to have an inclusive and productive sales culture is by not only focusing on recruiting different candidates but also taking steps to ingrain these differences into your company from the beginning. Sonja Gittens-Ottley, head of diversity and inclusion at Asana, explains. “If you’re not thinking about inclusive culture — from the time that you’re assessing candidates to the time that you’re interviewing candidates to when they start — people are going to leave,” according to Gittens-Ottley.

To address this, each manager at Asana engages in training on how to manage and address microaggressions. Employees also learn from training led by Conscious Leadership Group to understand how to approach issues related to diversity and inclusion. There are also groups where the Co-workers can go for support.

These steps will create spaces where employees feel supported and able to speak out when necessary. As to Christmas, it’s important to balance the types of activities people want to partake in. Walker and his team try to conduct an anonymous survey about what’s necessary and what their motivations are when it comes to the different holidays so that they can put on a celebration that’s inclusive for everyone. It’s also worth noting that some challenges arise from a lack of immediate control, such as when you’re interacting with potential customers. As salespeople, you may encounter microaggressions or overt racism.


Constantly hearing overt racism has negatively impacted sales reps who are Black. One situation was when customers didn’t want to lower prices because they were afraid that it would invite more “urban” people and deter white clients. For the emotional toll that others may experience from those experiences, there is no planning to address it.

With the diversity and inclusion platform Crescendo, Head of Diversity for Looker Cornell Verdeja-Woodson explained that leaders who have any say in the hiring process must first consider who is in power and what their roles are. There should be no ambiguity about what decision a sales manager carries out.


Bear Bull Co BBC How and Why It's So Worth It To Build a Diverse Sales Team 4When it comes to silence, Verdeja-Woodson advises against it. “Silence is an act of acceptance,” according to Verdeja-Woodson on the podcast. “Not saying anything doesn’t make you neutral — it makes you part of the problem.” Many times, sales managers are placed in rework training thinking they’re great coaches when they don’t perform well and learn that they’re not effective.

Banks hope that to avoid the tedious process of manual sales and the lack of repeatability with them, organizations need to overcome those challenges and learn how to use a blueprint that resonates with prospects. The blueprint can help make a sale quickly.

In the rework training model, managers are learning how to adapt their coaching style to resonate with the students and provide feedback on individual differences. There can be a situation where feedback is geared toward individual differences and there is no sales strategy involved, which ends up being unproductive. Banks stated, “When you get to know the individuals, you’re able to see that coaching is done differently.


The most successful managers come through and begin to see that perhaps they are not as effective as they presumed. Then they learn that coaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and they need to adjust for the individual.”

Banks recommends hiring individuals who have previously succeeded as individual contributors, instead of training them and placing them in a managerial role. This gives managers the knowledge to make their team members successful and prepare them for their current roles. Wood gives the example of one team that plays basketball by asking each player to make a pass to their partner, rather than passing the ball from player to player in order.


Bear Bull Co BBC How and Why It's So Worth It To Build a Diverse Sales Team AssignmentThis allows for better passing and creativity. Companies should consider a hybrid sales leadership role for high-potential employees. In this type of position, high-performing employees are responsible for selling and supporting teammates. If they successfully prove their ability to help teammates succeed in this capacity, then they can move up into a manager role.

Lacking diversity in a workplace can also contribute to this because feedback could be different. Banks said one of the candidates managed to receive a high score in an interview. However, when he asked the manager who trained them if they would be willing to hire the same candidates, Banks said he was told there’s more for them to learn. “It meant you had no feedback for this person. They did a perfect job,” according to Banks. “The lesson to be learned for the volunteer was that you don’t have to change your approach. It doesn’t mean you don’t give feedback because you’re fearful of how it’ll be taken.”

Relying on subjective feedback from a manager was a common problem for Banks during his time in tech. Many times, when he did get feedback it was negative. Managers must take the time to provide fair and constructive feedback. As a sales leader, it can be hard to determine what actions are being done more than others. Audits can help you make sure everyone is being evaluated and rewarded for their efforts.

These experts agree that human bias can overshadow skills in a performance evaluation; for example, a person with more experience or those who worked long hours in the past might be considered better even though they are underperforming. Rajai said when women were allowed to collaborate on sales solutions and form friendships with clients, they surpassed expectations and outperformed their male counterparts. Because of this, she went on to say that there is a safe place for women at Slack where they can feel confident.

 “As a sales leader, you want to do an audit of what you are evaluating,” Rajai stated. “Are you favoring certain actions over others?”

Bear Bull Co BBC How and Why It's So Worth It To Build a Diverse Sales Team GatheringBusiness leader Walker often pairs employees in a sales competition where they can use their skills to build on each other’s strengths. He recognized that there was one coworker he had never partnered with before this year. So, he took the time to learn about her background and interests and then worked with her on building marketing strategies and sales initiatives to operate those causes in tech recruitment.

The goal is to increase the company’s overall profits, but what would be helpful is if you had people who were different from each other to exchange ideas and foster growth. The company might also want to consider hiring more employees.


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Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers

 Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers


People would have laughed at you if you had told them a decade ago that businesses are continuing to hire motivational speakers. The internet has made it easier than ever to know just about anything you want. So with all this content and information available, how did you know which ones to learn from and which ones work?

Luckily for you, BBC Member, for today’s video we will be talking about why businesses continue to hire motivational speakers. Remember, that while the first step is completing any of this amazing information, the second and possibly more important step is taking action even if it’s imperfect action.


Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers AudienceA company essentially functions as a team. If positive qualities are fostered, the entire team benefits, whereas a lack of job satisfaction can easily be transmitted to others. Every business owner and manager is responsible for ensuring that their employees maintain a healthy mental and professional outlook. And nothing performs this function more effectively than professional motivational speakers. 

While a motivational speaker would undoubtedly improve the morale of employees, employers must also ensure that their workers can manage their workload and are engaged. Without this, a large number of employees would leave the company. To avoid this, business owners should educate themselves on employee engagement. However, a motivational speaker may be exactly what the employees need right now.

It takes a great deal of courage to become a motivational speaker because you must possess unique qualities and be adaptable to different audiences’ expectations. Consider yourself a candidate for this demanding position if you can satisfy their needs and adapt to a variety of speeches. Speakers corner is a leading speaking bureau with the world’s most influential motivational speakers who can help alter your perspective and inspire you to achieve your objectives.


Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers Crowd 2A person who decides to devote their life to business motivational speaking must possess numerous qualities. You must be able to motivate and instruct an individual in a natural and relatable manner. A successful motivational speaker must be self-assured, enthusiastic, empathetic, and dynamic. A powerful speaking voice and a sense of humor can do wonders and are the most effective ways to maintain audience interest.

Your sales team is the company’s beating heart. Without these individuals spreading your organization’s benefits every day, you would be out of business. However, you’ve observed that they are not as enthusiastic as they once were. The numbers are decreasing, goals are not being met, and office morale is not what it once was.

You’ve considered providing them with additional sales training, but you’re confident they already know the what and how of their jobs. They might have simply forgotten why. You’ve given motivational speeches during meetings and done the “rah-rah” routine with your employees, but they’ve stopped listening because they’ve heard you so often. You are aware that your employees are capable of significantly more and that you must inspire and motivate the team, but you do not know-how.

Why are companies increasingly hiring motivational speakers?

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers Crowd 3Every successful business requires a highly motivated team of individuals who are committed to achieving company objectives and concentrating on completing difficult tasks. Some days can be monotonous, and individuals may lack motivation. In this situation, an excellent motivational speaker can save the day and assist the team in achieving their objective, finding inspiration, and creating a dynamic and lively business environment.

Although motivational speakers cannot solve a problem in 45 to 60 minutes, they can change attitudes and put a business on the path to a better situation.

Ultimately, the purpose of your event, regardless of the theme or activities you choose to include, is to foster team spirit and recognize employees’ hard work. There are only so many ways one can express gratitude in the workplace. A motivational speaker can demonstrate to your employees their value to the organization.

The Function of an Inspirational Speaker

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers Crowd 4You have probably contemplated the significance of motivational speakers. Influential people have the ability to alter a person’s perspective and help them become a better version of themselves through the use of advice and a variety of their talents.

Motivational speakers will inspire you to take immediate action in your business or personal life. They are adept at spreading their charisma and assisting you in discovering a profound sense of purpose or change. These experts will tell you fascinating tales and present excellent ideas that will ultimately contribute to your growth and healing.

The role of motivational speakers at corporate events and in your business is crucial. Consider them as a third-party observer who can identify challenges you miss, learn from employees who are uncomfortable speaking to management, and alter how your employees view their day-to-day responsibilities.


A motivational speaker will share personal anecdotes that will help your team perform better at work and live more fulfilling lives. Their narratives are relatable, moving, amusing, and motivating. Their experiences impart universal lessons, and their zeal is contagious. A speaker can present outdated concepts in a manner that stimulates employee thought. They can stimulate creativity and amuse the audience.

Possibly the most essential duty of a motivational speaker is to demonstrate to your employees that you truly value and care about their welfare. They serve as your mouthpiece for communicating these crucial messages.

What Characteristics Make a Great Motivational Speaker?

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers CrowdThere are great motivational speakers, good motivational speakers, and motivational speakers that will leave you wishing you had done more research beforehand. Here are some tips for choosing a motivational speaker for your upcoming event.

1) Determine your event’s purpose before you begin shopping: While some speakers cover multiple topics, you should first determine what you want to be communicated before searching for a speaker

2) View videos: A speaker may have the world’s best one-sheet, an impressive website, and multiple books. However, you want to observe their performance. Can you sense the room’s energy? Does their message align with your requirements? Do they provide the audience with tangible takeaways?

3) Request references: Ask the speaker for the names of former clients you can contact. Conversations with a person’s former clients can reveal a great deal about them. Were they easy to work with, or will you be dealing with a diva? Did they provide what was anticipated, or did they arrive with excuses?

4) Investigate their adaptability: Are they willing to tailor their presentation to your industry and business? Are they willing to conduct the necessary research, speak with the employees beforehand, and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that their presentation resonates with your audience?

5) Go with your gut: When making business decisions, we are often trained to use our intellect. However, heed your intuition if it tells you that this candidate is unfit for the position, even if they appear excellent on paper. The last thing you want to think after an event is, “I should have known they weren’t a good fit.”

  1. Be genuine. A motivational speaker is most effective when he or she is genuine. To be relatable, speech and stories must align with experiences. Every motivational speaker who aspires to deliver an outstanding address must have a thorough understanding of this field. This is only possible with a reliable and adequate foundation.
  2. Be dynamic. Motivational speeches should be animated. It is not uncommon to observe a speaker telling a story with a tear in his eye or with his voice cracking up. It demonstrates their familiarity with the topic and their connection to the audience and their emotions.
  3. Body language. Speech dynamics are heavily influenced by body language. Voice can do wonders, but when speakers use their body language to complement their story, it enhances the experience and makes the audience more entertained and tense. A motivational speaker is successful if he or she is eloquent and has a strong desire to share his or her ideas, perspectives, and emotions with the audience in order to help them.


A motivational speaker who comprehends the human condition and knows how to engage it can aid a business team in achieving its objectives. Here’s how it operates:

Deal with the daily grind

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers Female 2Regular employees are frequently unable to see the big picture, whereas business owners and managers are capable of doing so. Therefore, they view their work as a daily drudgery and not as a means to an end of greatness.

A motivational speaker enables them to see their daily professional life as part of a larger picture and assists them in planning and expanding it. If an employee has a larger goal they wish to achieve through their professional capacity, their work quality will never diminish. In addition, having someone to motivate them through their daily tasks can help combat rising stress levels and productivity declines. When employees are able to navigate the nuances of their jobs, they are also able to manage their workload and maintain their health. Employees will remain happy and healthy, and employer healthcare costs may decrease (read more on the Eden Health blog). It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. This is something that can be guaranteed by motivational speakers.

Permit a flexible mindset

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers MalePeople quickly adapt to the status quo, but when they need to change and evolve, they procrastinate greatly. This is often the case because with change comes its own set of challenges, and the majority of employees are not sufficiently invested in their profession to face this challenge head-on.

A skilled motivational speaker conveys the notion that they, too, have risen from obscurity and are now sharing their knowledge with you. Nothing inspires a person to work harder than hearing someone else do the same thing and seeing the results of their efforts. Motivational speakers are experts at shaping employee attitudes that embrace change and view obstacles as opportunities for growth rather than burdens.

Determine the optimal work-life balance

Happiness at work and at home may be one of the most difficult things to achieve in a modern capitalist system. And if one is compromised, the consequences will always spread to the other, especially now that so many employees work remotely. If you wish to arrange a motivational speaker for your remote employees, you may wish to consider hiring one of these virtual speakers who can deliver their speech online.

A motivational speaker recognizes that the challenges faced by each employee are unique. However, they also provide a path through which each individual can find their solutions. Happiness and satisfaction are closely related to motivation, and with the assistance of a motivational speaker, employees can find their center and achieve a sense of balance.

Find the right speaker to inspire your team

There are numerous options available for hiring a motivational speaker. You can hire one of the top names in the industry, or you can contact professional motivational speaker services who will provide a speaker with the unique ability to assist your team.

Ensure that your team is both prepared to perform and capable of advancing to the next level, as well as grounded in self-satisfaction. Therein lies the winning combination!

Varieties of Inspirational Speakers

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers MeetingThere are numerous ways to inspire and motivate individuals to achieve their goals. Each individual is distinct, requires a different approach, and comprehends differently. Many different types of speakers, such as comedians, celebrity motivational speakers, and after-dinner speakers are available.

Comedians will undoubtedly make you laugh. They are an excellent choice for brightening the day for your employees. Their impersonations, musical acts, and performances are sure to impress. If you are searching for a more profound and influential speaker, however, you should consider a motivational speaker. You will undoubtedly pull the team toward a common objective and increase their motivation and focus on executing the plan.

If you wish to increase the number of attendees at your event, a celebrity speaker may be your best option. Your occasion will be unforgettable. You can choose between award-winning chefs, world record holders, and television celebrities. No matter which speaker you choose, you will not be disappointed, as they will all brighten your day and help you recognize your potential through a variety of stories.


Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers FemaleConferences are a typical method for bringing teams together, fostering communication, and establishing purpose. There are numerous types of meetings, each with its purpose. Some meetings are intended as sales incentives, while others are for status updates, product or industry education, all-staff meetings, and team-building activities.

Business and motivational speakers are essential for company team-building events because their presentations can bring numerous benefits to the business, such as boosting morale, learning skills, and broadening perspectives.


Business leaders are always looking for new ways to motivate their employees, encourage teamwork, and strengthen business relationships. You, as leaders and business owners, have likely read and heard about the most effective methods of employee management and motivation. Conferences, incentive design, and employee benefits stand out among them.

The first advantage is that it will provide teams with new ideas. Leaders and their teams occasionally experience a mental block when generating creative ideas. This causes a domino effect that can impact production and lead to a decline in profits and service quality. Not only will the output be affected, but employees will also experience low morale and discomfort at work.

Hiring an outside expert can aid in reinforcing concepts that leaders strive to instill in their teams.


A conference where a motivational speaker is hired can assist employees, team leaders, and managers in maximizing their skills and aptitudes to generate innovative ideas. A great speaker will share new, inspiring ideas and experiences, which can serve as a great source of team motivation.

Second, it will have a positive impact on morale. Individual employee morale is a sensitive issue that is typically influenced by a variety of factors, regardless of their severity. For instance, if there are rumors of layoffs or wage cuts, employee morale will decline, which will have a direct effect on the work environment and productivity.


The root of the staff’s negative attitudes can be unearthed and their roles and responsibilities can be reframed through conferences, particularly motivational ones. They will restore their confidence and enthusiasm for their work, which will increase productivity and decrease conflict.

In addition, they will help you overcome complacency. Very frequently, employees become bored with their work. This is a red flag for businesses, as it indicates that there are no growth margins due to the attitudes of the staff. A female motivational speaker can impart new information and encourage the workforce to explore new possibilities and ideas and leave their “comfort zone.”

How to Select a Motivational Speaking Company?

Bear Bull Co BBC Why Businesses Continue to Hire Motivational Speakers WheelchairSelecting a competent speaker is a crucial aspect of planning an event. The right speaker can infuse your event with vitality and make it the talk of the town for days. On the other hand, a poor speaker may leave a negative impression and cause the audience to feel uneasy or confused.

Consider motivational business speakers if you are hosting a business event; they are an excellent way to meet your audience’s needs and the event’s purpose. When determining your budget and reviewing your options, choose the one that best fits your event concept. Always review a previous speech delivered by the speaker you are considering hiring.

Importantly, communicate with them in person. Identify a speaker who shares your viewpoints. Discuss your needs and wants in detail. As they will be in charge of the emotions of the audience, the speaker must be a perfect fit for your needs. Finding the ideal speaker for your event will not be simple, but a little bit of effort will go a long way. Your event will be educational and memorable.

Motivational Speaker vs. Inspirational Speaker

Motivational speakers deliver lectures intended to inspire audience members to alter their behavior to achieve a specific objective. They will instruct you in their way of thinking. Their primary objective is to engage and convert their audiences. They will now assist you in making the change.

On the other hand, motivational speakers are extraordinary individuals who have overcome adversity. Their goal is to inspire people to recognize their best qualities and be their best selves. They encourage you to improve yourself through gradual, sensible changes.

What is the cost of hiring a motivational speaker?

This is one of those questions with difficult answers. The fees for motivational speakers can range from $1,000 to $100,000 based on their experience, celebrity status, and audience niche. Who you choose will depend on your budget and event objectives.

Always keep in mind that there are numerous ways to overcome a lack of determination or motivation. Numerous businesses worldwide employ speakers who can assist the company’s strategy and employees in overcoming any obstacles.

Motivational business speakers can inspire, an enormous productivity boost, and teamwork, resulting in remarkable company sales growth. A simple motivational speech can provide someone with purpose and motivation to perform better and more efficiently. Find your ideal speaker and experience a lesson you will always remember.


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